Off the Ledge


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Zosia Mamet as Jamie
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Jenny Mollen as Amber-Elizabeth
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Anne Ramsay as Bonnie
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Justin Whalin as Hopper Jackson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nickson_R8 / 10

A really great Independent

Not for those that only like the blockbusters. This is a very intimate film with a lot of depth. The characters are full, real people that you kind of love and hate at the same time. Hate's a strong word, what I mean is, they're not cookie cutter, they make mistakes and they're all trying in one way or another to make a mends. Great time to set the film on New Years Eve which is usually all about a party night and New Years Resolutions… The Film touches on this, but it's a genuine party that goes wrong. It starts out with the typical boys hitting on girls, people crashing, drinking/drugs etc… but as the story unfolds you get to see what these people are really about and what really makes them tick. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion and the suspense of wondering who's going to survive the evening.

Seriously great little film that will make you think. There's funny moments, disturbing moments, and heartfelt moments. Personally I really liked the ending (although a downer) it was poignant, and the additional end twist if you will (although done before) was presented in a really nice, not "on the nose" way. I also re-watched to go back and see those little hidden clues. You can tell it was low budget, but the story and the characters are just as good if not better than most films with tons of money to spend.

Reviewed by Cassiec210 / 10

Indie Flick that will make you think:

Total indie but really well done, great performances, roller-coaster ride of a story, double whammy of an ending - whether you agree with it or not, it should make you think. Definitely sparked a great conversation with my friends.

I never really considered the psychological aspect of the people at the party before reading the other reviews here, but looking back it would have definitely been worth studying. It kept me wanting to know what was going on with everyone and where they'd end up by the end of the party.

The Boston character had a great journey, he humored me, then annoyed me, then disappointed me and I didn't like him, then I felt sorry for him. All the characters had these complexities, and I loved the relationship between the sisters, so intricate, full of love and admiration for each other but they obviously had a messed up childhood. It was really nice to see Whalin play a serious role. I loved the two woman party crashes on the back porch too, such a great friendship between them. Oh and the "rewind" (I won't give away the revelation, but it was pretty cool) and even had a song to match!

Although you may not know the names of all the actors, it's a great eclectic cast with great performances (mostly) and some familiar faces where I kept wondering where I'd seen them before. There's something for everyone in this film, multiple age groups, boy and girl humor, something to relate to along the way. My negatives? Not too many, there was a lot going on and a lot of characters, but I felt they all weaved together quite well, especially when they all split up and we got to follow their different journeys. It would've been nice to open up a little more and go outside more often, everything was very claustrophobic, but I had to wonder if that was due to lack of budget as the whole film pretty much takes place in the one house with a bit of outside "action". Still it worked to make me feel like a fly on the wall at the party.

Anyway,check it out, worth the 1.5hrs I say, and a great thinker flick :)

Reviewed by Demetrio_Dagieu_S7 / 10

Its all right

---NOT SPOILERS---------- This movie is not going to be one of those "all time classics", but its OK, it does worth to rent, a bit dull because is not much going on at first, most (like 90%) of the movie happens inside a house during the few last hours of new years eve, but once you get introduced to the characters the movie starts to pick up, I specially liked the ending... was one of those "wait what?, what kind of @#%! is this?" and then you get it, I had to watch it twice to fully appreciate the little details, and you start noticing little "clues" towards the ending, few familiar faces and well acted all around. ---NOT SPOILERS----------

---tiny spoiler---------- The only thing I hated was the "Fuck Off Chick" (as credited) that's no way behave, if I was one of those dudes who kindly approached the, I must say, rather ugly girl, and she responded that way, first of all I wouldn't let her keep the drink, and second ill give her a piece of my mind, that b!%#( !

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