Occupation: Rainfall


Action / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright71%
IMDb Rating5.11014615

alien invasion

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Jason Isaacs Photo
Jason Isaacs as Steve
Temuera Morrison Photo
Temuera Morrison as Peter Bartlett
Daniel Gillies Photo
Daniel Gillies as Wing Commander Hayes
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Dan Ewing as Matt Simmons
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nicchang3 / 10

Occupation: Rainfall shows what's wrong with modern blockbusters.

I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen and it was one of the most glorious and spectacular cinematic experiences in my lifetime. To see these classics on the big screen just makes me happy and it's one of the greatest and most finely executed blockbusters that never gets old. Almost immediately after that, I watched Occupation: Rainfall... it became a reminder as to why I'm frustrated by today's modern blockbusters.

The only thing that's worth complimenting about Occupation: Rainfall is that it's an Australian effort to make a regional blockbuster and I'm interested to know the budget and filmmaking process behind the film. There's clearly a larger budget than the first film and Occupation: Rainfall presents itself as an ambitious sequel so it's going all out with what it has and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed by the overall efforts... but crikey, it's about as dumb and irritating as a Hollywood blockbuster, and just because it's a bigger film doesn't mean it's better.

Occupation: Rainfall is visually unpleasant viewing from start to finish. It wants to be a visual spectacle, but it suffers largely from an overabundance of terrible CGI, poor lighting and lens flares, and noticeable green screen. Accompanied by a generic score and overwhelmingly loud sound design that can make dialogue incomprehensible, it's a technical mess. It also has editing so irritating that it gave me Resident Evil: The Final Chapter flashbacks, particularly in one action sequence towards the climax. The action does have entertainment value and I did enjoy it... whenever it was clear and comprehensible (that was rare) and I had more fun counting the jumpcuts in my mind.

While Occupation: Rainfall was never going to be great story-wise, it's also boring. Some of the dialogue is awful, the characterisations feel thin and the storytelling reeks of a generic nature, but where the writing tremendously fails is in its attempts to craft emotion. The emotional beats felt like unearned attempts to create audience investment and at the same time, it awkwardly injects comic relief that proves more to be distracting than unfunny, causing Occupation: Rainfall to suffer from tonal inconsistencies. Most of the performances fall flat to the point of being forgettable, but I was especially disappointed to see Jason Isaacs wasted in a terrible voice role and Ken Jeong deserves better comic material than what he's given. It's a blockbuster full of so many sci-fi clichés and ill-judged decisions that it led me to wonder how this got made. And knowing that the first movie played at only 16 cinemas and made $35,111 from a $6 million budget, it seems a third movie will be inevitably greenlit. And that's hinted by the atrocious cliffhanger ending, which is desperate to create a new Australian film franchise and go Full Hollywood on us.

Watching movies like Occupation: Rainfall mostly shows what's wrong with modern blockbusters. While I'll admit I'm impressed by the production values, some of the action and the overall ambition put into the direction, they all led to a safe and painfully generic end result that doesn't have much heart and it fails when it comes to both the technical and storytelling elements.

Plot and Characters (2/10) Presentation and Direction (4/10) Acting (4/10) Script (2/10) Setting/Locations (4/10) Tone/Action (4/10) Cinematography/Visuals (4/10) Sound/Music (4/10) Editing (2/10) Pacing/Length (2/10)

Score: 32/100.

LIKES: +Ambitious production values +Some entertainment value in the action

DISLIKES: -Flat, wasted performances -Generic story relies on safe clichés and unearned emotion -Uninteresting, thin characters -Messy visuals and editing -Irritatingly loud sound design -Slightly overlong runtime, boring pacing

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Another one

So apparently there is another one of these ... before this. I had no idea and just discovered it here on imdb. Obviously I can therefor not tell you how this fairs and how it does continue to tell the story of the previous installment. Also this seems to be open for another sequel too ... whatever floats your boat (or spacecraft).

The action and effects are pretty solid, considering the low budget this must have had. Nice little movie that could and if you are into B-movies you may find it better than others. The characters have not too much depth, but there is some development - so at least something.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10

Australian Independence Day

It's two years after the arrival of the alien mothership. The earth has been devastated by the alien drones. Human resistance in Sydney, Australia is faltering. The aliens are on the verge of launching a full on ground invasion. After rescuing some alien prisoners, they reveal a rumor of an overwhelming weapon called Rainfall.

This is an Australian sci-fi, Independence Day wannabe. The alien allies is looking silly. They remind me of old TV shows and they also need to be explained. The movie just drop them on our laps. I rarely asks for more exposition but they need it in this case. The story lacks believability for a multitude of reasons. The plot deteriorates. The acting is second tier level. The only recognizable face is Ken Jeong and he has a limited role. The filmmaker is looking to continue this with sequels. I wish him good luck but I'm getting off this train.

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