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Reviewed by KissEnglishPasto5 / 10

Alternate TITLE: "Girls Just Wanna Have FUNDS!"

From PASTO, COLOMBIA-Via: L. A. CA; CALI, COLOMBIA+ORLANDO, FL -------------The ONLY Tony Kiss Castillo on FaceBook!-----------------

Now, if you're thinking to yourself "What the H*LL kind of alternate Title is that!?!?" Then, how about this one: "My Guess is as Good as Yours!" Because if you're OBSESSED with well written, logical and solid story lines, the second title option fits the bill like an 80's style Madonna glove! (You know, the ones with holes for your fingers! OBSESSED has more plot holes than an Iraqi minefield!) My motivation for Watching this? A Friend's Review...Go ahead and a second (or 3rd) opinion that differs notably from mine! And it's not like I didn't TRY to really enjoy this film. Convinced that if I put my Suspension of Disbelief into overdrive, I might reach the credits with a 7 or 8 Star rating. But my intentions were overwhelmed by a totally deficient story line, and at times, anemic dialog, coupled with a good number of story thread loose ends.

Don't get me wrong, OBSESSED obviously had some positive qualities going for it, or it never would have received 5.5* from the Id of Dr. Morbius. Ali Larter turns in a fine performance as the delusional mistress wannabe. If the scripting had provided her with a more developed, fleshed-in character, I dare say her performance might have been Oscar nomination caliber.

People don't seem to be giving Idris Elba the credit he deserves. His performance as the responsible executive/unwaveringly loyal husband was utterly credible, absolutely spot on. Considering he's from London, his rendering of an American accent was flawless, and I can offer that up as an Expert, Professional opinion. Beyonce, it should be noted, is making a supreme effort to improve as an actor. Maybe she's trying too hard, because in spite of her energy and focus, her performance barely registers an "OK". Well, at least she seems to be headed in the right direction!

OBSESSED seemingly has borrowed elements from a slew of different movies. Several films are mentioned repeatedly in other reviews. Here are other examples: The War of the Roses; specifics here would amount to a Spoiler, so sorry! And the foreboding music, which itself amounted to a spoiler in some early scenes, seemed to be lifted directly from "Basic Instinct"!

5.5 Stars.... ENJOY!/DISFRUTELA! (As Much As Possible!)

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle3 / 10

Really bad writing

Derek Charles (Idris Elba) is a successful asset manager with beautiful wife Sharon (Beyoncé Knowles) and toddler son Kyle. There's the new temp Lisa (Ali Larter) in the office. The office keeps her around as his secretary. She becomes obsessed with him and then she gets handsy at the Christmas party. Ben (Jerry O'Connell) is his co-worker. Joe Gage (Bruce McGill) is his boss. Police detective Reese (Christine Lahti) investigates the case.

Steve Shill is a TV director and that's the sense I get from this movie. He keeps hitting the audience over the head with Ali Larter flirting. It's obsessive. It would be so much better to have both people flirt. Idris Elba is playing it like a saint. It doesn't work. This is what HR is for. The movie makes no sense. The girl be crazy. I'd call the cops right after HR. He needs to do that in case she starts making accusations. I don't get this reluctance unless there was a previous case of him cheating. The story needs something to explain his actions. Why keep trying to explain it to a crazy person? It's just bad writing. Even a big cat fight can't save the really really bad writing.

Reviewed by Prismark101 / 10

Bad stalkings

I have never been a fan of these stalking type films such as The Hand the rocks the Cradle etc. They do little for me except offer some type of banal predictability and it takes a special screenwriter or director to elevate these type of films into something out of the ordinary such as Fatal Attraction.

Obsessed is nowhere near even ordinary. I still cannot fathom how I struggled to the end of the film but I feel I should have received a medal for endurance.

Idris Elba plays a faithful husband and father who has moved to a nice home, has a great job but an office temp (Ali Larter) has become obsessed with him and threatens to destroy his marriage with Beyonce.

You keep thinking Elba's other famous screen character, Detective Luther would had sorted Larter out in seconds but here he plays her with kids glove as her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and then a detective turns up when she tries to commit suicide. Why would a detective turn up in such circumstance I have no idea. Also why she would interview Elba in front of his wife is even more bizarre and at no time does she do a background check on Larter or check out her medical history.

The film fails as a thriller and as entertainment. Larter who was so effective in Heroes is lumbered with a one note character, Beyonce is serviceable and Elba can do a lot better than this.

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