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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Nun so silly

No pun intended (or is it nun pun intended?) - but the movie is quite silly to say the least. The movie has a lot of violence and some sexual situation (also nudity but maybe not as much as some may expect/hope for). But it is the humor that will make or break the movie for you.

If you can't dig what it tries to do - well you won't be having any fun while watching the movie. Be aware of that - and if you are not easily offended (or too religious I reckon),this very low budget movie with depictions that are very likely from an atheist mind (or at least someone who has no issue to make fun of religion) can be quite the hoot (read fun ride)

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

Greatest vigilante nun movie ever made

Short-tempered Sister Kelly Wrath (a fabulously feisty performance by Sarah Nicklin) gets gunned down in an alley. She's subsequently chosen by God to join the vigilante squad The Order of the Black Habit, who are a group of crime fighting nuns on a mission to eradicate the mob. Director Richard Griffin, who also co-wrote the brash and irreverent script with Ted Marr, really makes the most out of the gloriously outrageous premise: We've got often hysterically profane dialogue (Sister Wrath swears like a truck driver),excessive bloody violence, lesbianism, broadly drawn stereotypical characters, wild bone-crunching fights, ninja rabbis, Gandhi popping up as a benign martial arts instructor (!),and even an incredible musical number featuring a rapping Jesus and a break dancing nun. Moreover, the lively cast has a field day with the off the wall material, with especially praiseworthy work from Alexandra Cipollo as the sweet and flirtatious Sister Pride, Shanette Wilson as the bawdy Sister Lust, Ruth Sullivan as the antagonistic Sister Gluttony, Rich Tretheway as fearsome mobster Momma Rizzo, Brandon Luis Aponte as the ruthless Richie Corbucci, and, in a truly stand-out turn, David Lavallee Jr. as vicious Jewish hit-man Viper Goldstein. Moreover, Michael Reed does sterling duty as a hip Christ and a supremely suave Satan, Deborah Rochon has a snappy bit as a fed-up Mother Superior, and Lloyd Kaufman makes a priceless cameo appearance as the pope. Jacob Larimore's vibrant cinematography provides a neat stylish look. Both the cool soundtrack and the funky throbbing score by Tony Milano and Daniel Hildreth hits the get-down groovy spot. A total riot.

Reviewed by DavidErinWilson9 / 10

Nun's The Word!

Another great flick from SFR and Richard Griffin and a grand cast of 10s!

A cult classic in the making for sure and no race, creed, ethnicity, religion or mob affiliation escapes ridicule in this stylistic Grindhouse/nunsploitation montage. More blood, pasta, habits, grenades, automatic weapons and young cloistered angst per inch of digital-celluloid then Tarantino could possibly imagine.

And the Jesus-meets-Busby-Berkley musical number is worth the price of admission by itself. I laughed, I cried, I choked on my rosary.

An absolute 9 out of 10. An open bar would have made it a 10.

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