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Anaïs Demoustier as Capitaine Inès Moreau
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Jean Dujardin as Fred
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Lyna Khoudri as Samia
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Reviewed by searchanddestroy-110 / 10


As Kathryn Bigelow did with ZERO DARK THIRTY, in 2013, about Ossama Ben Laden trackdown and execution after 9/11 events, French movie industry now does the same about 11/13 mass killings in Paris. The same but not entirely though, only the few days following Friday the 13th, "BLACK FRIDAY", whilst the US movie showed the entire Ben Laden affair. It is taut, tense, gripping, shocking during some scenes, and accurate at the most possible. But unlike the American movie, the characters are not depicted more than necessary. We know nothing about them, except maybe the Anaïs Demoustiers one, this young female cop facing pure horror. But for the rest, including Jean Dujardin, we know nothing. It's not important to appreciate this awesome film, but it is good to tell it. The particularity of this feature is also to remain factual, always factual. Neutral. At no moment, the film maker Cedric Jimenez takes part. It is also very important to warn the audiences. Very unusual and maybe many people won't understand this. It is also question to show some of the terrorists but never the victims. Is it a good point? I honestly don't know, each of us will appreciate or not.... A damn good film, however. You can not miss it. We can now consider Cedric Gimenez as the French Paul Greengrass.

Reviewed by mocarrere9 / 10

great movie

Excellent action movie, very good distribution. Very sustained rhythm, worthy of the best thrillers. But this is real life because this film is very faithful to historical reality. It therefore has a pedagogical virtue and deserves a very wide dissemination.

No voyeurism, very modest camera even when the scenes are shot in the hospital. And yet it would have been easy to sensationalize.

I would add that this true story which is told to us shows us all these men and all these women who protect us and who generally work in the shadows. This film has the great merit of putting them in the light for once, and of showing us how grateful we should be to them.

Reviewed by AvionPrince167 / 10

November at Paris

The film recounts the following events: the attacks perpetrated in Paris and the investigations carried out by the police and intelligence services of Paris to find the perpetrators of these attacks. We are in immersion with the police forces and the raids and infiltration they have carried out. We discover the weapons, the suspects, the victims, the relatives of those suspected of the attacks and all the work of the police is shown to us as well as broken promises (Samia is nevertheless declared not guilty and helped by the State: she has changed identity) the film is interesting and the investigation becomes really gripping: we are immersed and their failures become our failures. Jean Dujardin is convincing in his role and shows his moments of weakness and his human side (the family). A French film that I find successful which retraces the paths of the terrorists after the attacks. Those who are interested in events should watch this movie as it contains some pretty intense action scenes even though they are not very present. A film that I recommend all the same after these terrible events in Paris. Anyone in Paris who watches it will recall bad memories but could at least learn more. A film that retraces the events and as far as the characters are concerned they are not very complex; which is normal because they are not the main subject of the film, we follow an investigation and keep the promise of telling the nights in Paris and that is enough to keep us going and arouse our interest.

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