Notte prima degli esami

2006 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vid-109 / 10

A maelstrom of fun, a wild dive into the teenager's world

It will make you laugh, it will make you dance, it will make you nostalgic, it will make you ponder, it will leave you energized. This Italian comedy, which deals with a bunch of teenagers about to graduate from high school, in the summer of 1989, is rich in rhythm and amusing situations. Scene after scene, the protagonists have the uncanny ability of getting messed up in situations more and more embarrassing: their spontaneousness and impulsiveness is infectious... and you as a viewer will quickly sympathize with them. It's also impossible not to feel a bit melancholic, when you watch the protagonists playing Subbuteo and the Commodore video game Emlyn Hughes International Soccer and you listen to music from the 80s (great soundtrack, though foreign viewers of this movie may not be able to appreciate how well it mingles with the story). Furthermore, the views of Rome are mesmerizing. Inevitably, the movie deals with the problems in the relationship with adults and teachers, but always with the lightheartedness that's proper of teenagers, as they easily shift their mind from one problem to the next one.

"Notte prima degli Esami" may not leave you spiritually enriched or wiser but, quoting professor Martinelli's words, "sometimes the important thing is not the result, but the road you undertake to reach it"... and, under this point of view, the movie certainly was an entertaining ride for me! 9/10

Reviewed by stf-nr7 / 10

Not a masterpiece but very enjoyable

First of all, and just to put all cards on the table, this movie is nothing exceptional, nor an outstanding masterpiece... it is simply a nice movie on a lot of classic problems teenagers are facing when passing from adolescence to adult age. And if you are getting close (or just entered) your thirties you will absolutely enjoy a lot of reference to the late 80s music and way of life because one of the best ideas they had when writing the screenplay has been to move the story back of about 25 years. And notice the performance of Giorgio Faletti as the high-school teacher, he is a nearly perfect mix of comic and tragedy. Definitively worth a view!

Reviewed by lasttimeisaw6 / 10

The Night Before The Exams

Saw the film in my oral Italian class (sadly the last one, as the course will finish in two weeks),this time due to the fact that the screen shrank dramatically (we moved to a shabbier classroom),so I have to be more focus as to see clear what was happening on the screen (my eyesight reduces gradually),as in the film there are a dozens of characters (in a small screen, Italians look so alike each other) and I must not bypass the subtitles at the same time.

A simple, nice comedy of teenagers coming-of-age with a nostalgic reminiscence of '80s. Without too much ambition and ostentations. Even though most characters are not all well developed, everything seems real and natural (in a way),not pushed by force.

The time before Italian high school exams, like China's university entrance exam, a milestone in a teenager's life, also a transition from teenager to adulthood, a critical time which will influence one's entire life inevitably. Apart from school life, love at first sight (though not reciprocal),friendship, cheating (messing around with girlfriend's younger sister),pot, an unrequited love, a divorced family, a senile love story, even death (again I doubt it's necessity here),are all tangled altogether, I must say writers have really exerted studious effort to make it suitable for all demography. This film was a huge domestic success that year and of course a sequel derived from it was produced in 2007 (Notte Prima Degli Esami: Oggi) and predictably failed to match its precedent's quality.

The film also reminds me of Totto L'amore Che C'e (2000),another Italian film about adolescence (with a '70s background) I watched several months ago, nostalgia still is a trend now (at least in Italian cinema),DURAN DURAN and QUEEN, or LADY GAGA and DRAKE, which is better? To tell the truth, I'm so eager to experience the period when the latter will have become a history as well.

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