Nothing is Impossible


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Steven Bauer as Archie Touraine
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Nadia Bjorlin as Ryan Aikens
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Harry Lennix as Russell Banks
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Stella Parton as Ruby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by klemdaniels2 / 10

A waste of time

I'm a Christian, I attend church when I can, so why do these so called "family" "faith based" movies flop so hugely? Because they're poorly written and poorly delivered. Nothing is Impossible should have been titled "Nothing, this is a movie about Nothing". The religious messages are forced, the belief that David White is the guy for this role is really a joke. It's very obvious he's too short, too slow and too old.

Then there's Nadia Bjorlin, who plays the owner of the team and former fiancé to Scott (David White). He left her at the alter and didn't tell her why?...and this was years ago. We're supposed to believe she has waited all this time for him? Uhh, I don't think so.

Convenience has scripted this movie, everything simplified for the end result...and that's either obvious and lame.

I wish Pureflix all the success in the world. There's a place for what they're trying to make here but it's not now. Hopefully, with time and money they will put out the kind of movies Christians, people of faith, and anyone wanting to watch a Hallmark type movie will want to see.

Reviewed by amybooksy10 / 10

Nothing is Impossible

I enjoyed watching Nothing is Impossible. I loved the themes of accepting and believing in yourself, power of forgiveness and leaning on God when troubles arises. I instantly liked Scott in the beginning. I found him to be relatable. He continually was being judged as he struggled with his past. He had to learn about himself, how to use his talents to be good and listen to what God was telling him instead of those around him always doubting him. I thought it was a touching, inspirational and heartwarming story that would be a perfect addition to a family movie night

I am giving Nothing is Impossible a very well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend it for families of all ages.

I received an early screen link of Nothing is Impossible from Pure Flix, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.

Reviewed by Lily-3210 / 10

Well earned

It's hard to give something 10 stars because nothing is ever really perfect. But some come so close anything less is dishonest.

I was hesitant when I first heard of this. It felt like it was going to be another long-shot sports story. Don't get me wrong. Those stories aren't bad but they've been done and I had no reason to expect anything fresh on this take. Happy to be wrong.

The story didn't take the 100% predictable turn. At least not for me. It was powerful in its realistic simplicity.

I've watched it several times now and the desire to "skip to the good parts" is there but then you realize they're all good parts.

The characters are real. They have talents but are flawed. In today's world it's the norm to make the protagonists so perfect that there is no triumph, no risk, and no real investment. Fortunately, Nothing Is Impossible stuck with the tire and true form of story telling. They got us invested in who these people are, where they came from, their strengths and weaknesses, their failings and their courage.

This is what good storytelling is. People are inspired to reevaluate their own lives even in relation to this fictional story because even in the fiction there is relatable truth.

The cast and crew did an amazing job. Definitely going in my top favorite movies.

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