North Sea Hijack


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Reviewed by KEVMC7 / 10

Enjoyable example of its kind.

A gang of criminals hijack a Norwegian supply vessel for two North Sea oil rigs. After attaching limpet mines to both rigs, they demand a huge ransom from the British Government. The insurers - Lloyds of London - call in the eccentric Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes and his highly trained team to bring an end to the situation.

First off, this is not a great film and makes no pretension to be one. It is however quite enjoyable on its level, which is that of a fairly straightforward and formulaic thriller with some dashes of humour. Roger Moore gives a pleasing performance as the woman hating, arrogant and irascible Ffolkes, who is the complete antithesis of his version of Bond. Much of the gentle humour of the film arises from his constant put downs to all around him. Anthony Perkins is the head of the gang, and plays him with typical cold blooded menace. Also James Mason turns in a nice portrayal of an exasperated Admiral.

Director Andrew V.McLaglen keeps things moving along, and the setting is at least a bit different from the usual scenarios. The finale does seem something of a let down after the build up, but it doesn't ruin the film.

I hadn't seen this for a few years, so I enjoyed watching it again last week when it got a screening on TV. I recorded it and watched it a couple of days later while laid low with the 'flu. Its tongue in cheek nature cheered me up, and surely that's the whole point of these types of films.

Reviewed by barnabyrudge7 / 10

Entertaining hijack thriller. One of Roger Moore's most interesting films.

North Sea Hijack is a fast paced, frequently entertaining thriller about the ingenious hijacking of a major North Sea oil rig. It features a totally off-the-wall performance by Roger Moore as an anti-terrorist expert who has some bizarre habits indeed, such as sewing, raising cats, and drinking whisky at 10a.m. Other memorable characterisations are conveyed by Anthony Perkins (the principal baddie),James Mason (a stiff upper lipped admiral),David Hedison (a stressed out oil rig official) and Faith Brooks (a strong willed lady prime minister).

The core of the action occurs at sea, with Perkins and his menacing bunch hijacking a supply ship and planting mines beneath the oil rig. Moore is brought in to thwart them, and plays a tense psychological games with his adversaries, constantly provoking them and second guessing their actions whilst trying to ascertain the most effective way to attack them aboard their vessel. There are some well delineated scenes, such as an exciting sequence in which a couple of ships crew try to poison their captors but are found out and killed. Another invigorating sequence features Moore having to sneak up on the terrorists whilst clad in a glowing red wet suit (it was the only wet suit available to him on the oil rig).

Moore's character is wonderful. He has an uncharacteristic beard and follows a series of bizarre daily routines to the letter. His savage side, especially towards women (whom he seems to hate more than terrorists) provides some amusement.

This is an under rated gem. It is the kind of film you discover by accident (it doesn't have a particularly high reputation),but by God it really moves and is enormous fun whilst on.

Reviewed by dbborroughs10 / 10

Grand Guilty Pleasure

Roger Moore plays the head of a private security force specializing in matters at sea named ffolkes. He is a gruff women hating perfectionist who prefers cats to people. When Anthony Perkins leads a team of hijackers in taking two oil rigs the British government is forced to call in ffolkes.

Call me crazy, but I love this film. Its always been one of my guilty pleasures and its often a film I'll watch on a rainy do nothing sort of Sunday. Moore is allowed to actually act, granted with tongue firmly in cheek, and show that he could do more than just be James Bond. As the villain Anthony Perkins is wonderfully loopy as a man who thinks that he's gotten all of the bases covered. The plot and the action is of a solid B-movie style and it doesn't try to be anything more than be a 100 minute popcorn movie. Best of all is the humor which is knowing and right on target, as when ffolkes becomes flustered when trying to warm up what he thinks is a young man .

If you want a good film to fill an afternoon or evening, try this film. I doubt you'll be as crazy about it as I am, but I do think you'll enjoy it.

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