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Reviewed by pseudonymforcl8 / 10

A film for everyone

I saw this in my film appreciation class in high school in 1974. I had never seen it anywhere until it was shown at my local library recently. There were only three other people there. We agreed the usual attendees missed a rare opportunities. The film was shown on an ancient bell and Howell projector and the quality was terrible but we hung in there. I don't think anyone couldn't relate to the characters, even if you never were in any trouble or pregnant as a teen. You could just feel the conflict. Certainly not a feel good film but you really wanted everything to be okay. I don't know how this worked but the acting was more than a little wooden but you believed it.

Reviewed by jaw-0164710 / 10

moving film i deeply related to

I saw this film in late 1970 or early 1971. i didn't realize it was from 1964, i thought it was new. It was shown at my university, i am not even sure why i went to see it. I was 21 at the time. I'd been through a very rough time with my parents when i was underage, including my dad putting me in juvenile hall when i was 15, then probation and a foster home. When i saw this film, i was going through a break up with a really nice guy. I had done things to destroy the relationship, rejecting him, trying to be 'uncommitted,' and then when he moved on, i felt very sorry and regretful. the last time i saw him, we were in my car and i dropped him off at a freeway onramp in the rain, him carrying his guitar, and i drove off into the rain, it was night time. Soon after that i saw this movie. And then i wrote a song about the break up of my relationship which i called Nobody Waved Good-bye, which is the chorus. It's loosely based on the movie. I actually do not remember much about the movie, except there was rain and parting and sadness and youth. i would love to see it again. That's why i just googled it. The movie had a deep and lasting effect on me, the characters were very real, the issues were real. Now i need to find how to see this movie again. btw, my then boyfriend left me for another girl who he married and they are still together to this day, happy with kids and grandkids, we are now Facebook friends.

Reviewed by gizmomogwai7 / 10

Nobody watches the film

This is now undoubtedly the oldest feature length Canadian film I've seen- Canadian film didn't really get rolling until the 1970s, with Going' Down the Road and Mon oncle Antoine, which is why this is the oldest non-documentary on the Top 10 Canadian Films of All Time when TIFF started the list in 1984. It dropped off the list quickly, with one critic saying it hasn't aged well. Indeed, it's gotten few votes on IMDb and fewer reviews, but it is available to see for free on the National Film Board's website.

At first I could see where the comment about it being aged comes into play; it starts out feeling like something more out of a '50s public service ad than the '60s, with the straight-laced square father and the not-really rebellious son, neither of whom act spectacularly well. His "rebellion" against materialism feels old, tired and disingenuous. Things start getting a little more interesting when the son is arrested, and more troubles with the law start. There's a nice, artistic little sequence where he and his girlfriend sing Show Me the Way to Go Home- over 10 years before the great scene in Jaws. What I particularly liked was the lead's argument with the French Canadian about individuality and identity- that feels significant and pretty Canadian. An interesting film, and a curiosity to the Canadian film buff.

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