No Escape


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David Wenham as Hotel Guard #2
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Ray Liotta as Capt. J.T. Robbins
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Lance Henriksen as The Father
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Kevin J. O'Connor as Stephano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Atypical prison movie overcomes a talky script to entertain

The MAD MAX influence is clear in this so-so adventure film which boasts a prison with a difference: there are no cells, no walls, no bars, no guards. Instead the location is a remote island, where there are no hopes of escape (as the title would suggest). This makes the film a bit more interesting, besides which we've had more than our fill of traditional prison films throughout the years and continue to do so.

Unfortunately, though, with such an interesting premise, this could have been a lot better. As it is, the film is fairly plodding, with long scenes of dialogue broken up occasionally by action. There are two reasons for this, a) the film runs for two hours when an hour and a half would be a lot slicker, and b) there are so many different characters involved that it takes a lot of time to go from one to another, to chart their different lives and experiences.

Thankfully, what could have been a totally dull and boring film is saved by an ensemble cast of cult and mainstream actors. Taking the lead is Ray Liotta, once again doing his intense persona role he uses in everything from GOODFELLAS to TURBULENCE. Liotta's character has a more developed personality than you might imagine, and for much of the film he disagrees with and opposes the good guys, it's not all smiles and hugs as with many other action "heroes". Liotta is well supported by Lance Henriksen, who plays the village elder and is surprisingly frail, especially considering that he usually plays tough guy roles.

Other familiar faces pop up from time to time, including Kevin Dillon as a young and impressionable warrior, Ernie Hudson, the oft-forgotten fourth of the GHOSTBUSTERS, and a surprising amount of British actors including Don Henderson and Jack Shepherd. Often, though, characterisation is replaced with scenes of violence and warfare, some quite gruesome for a 15 certificate film, namely a graphic decapitation. The baddies in the film are a group of warriors clad just like the baddies in the MAD MAX trilogy, and are aided and abetted by some jungle-dwelling cannibals for good measure.

However, the problem is that the action sequences pale in comparison to the likes of BRAVEHEART, the plot is clichéd, obvious (the traitor's identity is glaringly so) and unremarkable, and the running time is just too long to maintain any suspense or excitement. Still, if prison films are your thing then this is a pleasing atypical alternative to the more usual fare, bolstered by a nice cast who give it their best and with some fun special effects.

Reviewed by gavin69426 / 10

Society Has Further Use For This Film

There's really nothing that says down and dirty action more than "Ray Liotta". And he delivers in this flick which is a cross between CBS' "Survivor", "Battlefield Earth" and "Waterworld". And somehow that's supposed to be a compliment.

From the opening 10 minutes, you get the idea this will be a movie about a jailbreak fro ma futuristic prison (not unlike "Half Past Dead"). But soon the entire plot changes and for the rest of the movie, we are treated to 2 opposing clans on a remote island who must fight for survival. Two clans composed of convicted murderers. Which one will Ray Liotta join? The good or the bad? Ernie Hudson also stars. Usually he is typecast as a cop, but don't worry - they made him a security guard to mix it up a little. Also appearing is a wiry, stuttering Kevin Dillon. Unlike his blood-thirsty character from "Platoon", this Dillon is a wuss. You would expect him to work in the pit crew for his brother in the movie "Herbie: Fully Loaded". Oh Kevin, how the mighty have fallen - starring alongside Depp and Sheen 20 years ago and where are you now? Anyway, if you like movies with a lot of stabbing and a condemned man trying to fight the law and escape his captors, this is a film for you. Recommended!

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-17 / 10

Better Than How It First Looks

On the surface, this looks like a dumb movie which is overly violent and too seedy because it features nothing but hardened criminals plus the normal sadistic warden Hollywood always shows in all modern-day films. turns out the story isn't as sordid as it looks and the violence, although plentiful, is somehow not overdone. Also, the chief villain " Walter Marek" (Stuart Wilson) is a man with a good sense of humor. The comedic relief he brings is a real plus to the story. By the way, Wilson doesn't look like Mel Gibson but his voice sure sounds similar.

"No Escape" is strictly an action movie with an all-male cast that has a grim atmosphere of convicts fighting it out on an inescapable island in the year 2022.

Profanity isn't as much as you'd except in a tough film like this and - in a real oddity - Lance Henriksen is the nicest guy in the movie! He never utters a bad or angry word. If you know the characters Henriksen usually plays, you know this is a rarity. Ray Liotta, Michael Lerner and Ernie Hudson also star, so it's a decent cast.

You could do a lot worse looking for two hours of "escapist" fare.

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