Ninja in the Dragon's Den

1982 [CN]

Action / Comedy

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Reviewed by chrichtonsworld8 / 10

Martial Arts Classic! A must see!

This movie is everything what people want from a martial arts movie. It contains incredible stunts sometimes with wire works. It has Kung Fu magic. It's full of ninja trickery and there is a lot of comedy. Ninja in the Dragon's Den therefore is without a doubt one of the best martial movies ever made in history. Still it is very difficult to get a hold of a decent or affordable copy on DVD or Blu ray in the original language. I have watched the film dubbed in English and German. And you know what despite that handicap I was not bothered by this at all. Since the action alone is superb. I know I already said it but let me state it again that the martial arts is more than excellent in this film. A young Conan Lee and Hiroyuki Sanada (The last samurai, The promise) show their magnificent skills whenever they can. Both of them bring to the screen what the fans want. Do I really need to tell you that the story does not matter that much? The introduction of this movie reminded me of several other movies about ninja's made in the Eighties! You know the ones where each ninja show what they are capable of. But something about it is off like it is meant as a parody of (or tribute to) the other ninja movies made around that time. Or maybe I am looking too much into it and I got distracted by the use of the theme music. Perhaps it was just a way to capitalize on the popularity of the Ninja films. Whatever they were going for compared to those cut and paste Godfrey Ho ninja films Ninja in the Dragon's Den is far superior. But how can it not be since director Corey Yuen made sure the action and the stunts were top notch.

So do check this one out if you have never done before. It's a martial arts classic that deserves your attention.

Reviewed by HaemovoreRex9 / 10

A true ninja classic!

Without doubt one of the very finest Ninja movies ever made, this film also marked the explosive screen debut of the incredible Conan Lee. Even more amazingly, the said actor had previously no martial arts experience whatsoever prior to filming this although you would never guess this judging by his awesome physical performance here.

The fight scenes (choreographed by none other than the superb Corey Yuen who also directs the film) are absolutely jaw dropping, in fact they are undoubtedly some of the best combat scenes ever committed to celluloid.

Hiroyuki Sanada is the Ninja of the movies title and clearly demonstrates to us all why he is considered to be one of the very best screen martial artists ever, displaying probably some of the most graceful moves ever seen in any martial arts film.

Added to this, and a real treat for fans of old style kung fu, the always superb Hwang Jang Lee, considered by many as the greatest leg fighter ever, turns up at the films climax as, yes you've guessed it – the main villain! (As he was perpetually type cast!)

Special note also must be made of the extremely cool music that cranks up throughout…..highly memorable; it'll have you humming it for days!

It's very strange that after such an explosive screen debut, Conan Lee's fame dissipated so quickly. The actor was in fact even being tauted at the time as the next Jackie Chan. Just goes to show what a fickle business the movie industry is.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison8 / 10

A brilliant mix of kung fu and ninjitsu.

Chinese kung fu squares off against Japanese ninjitsu in this early offering from top action director Cory Yuen. Light on plot development, but more than making up for that in the fight department, Ninja in the Dragon's Den is a crazy no-holds barred piece of ninja silliness that any fan of fun martial arts films should see.

Conan Lee (a Jackie Chan lookalike with impressive acrobatic skills) plays Jay, an accomplished fighter who owes his martial arts abilities to Uncle Foo, a disgraced ninja who has fled to China after defeat in battle.

When a mysterious attacker almost succeeds in killing Uncle Foo, Jay steps in to protect his mentor. After a series of impressive battles between the two, the attacker is revealed to be Jin-wu (Hiroyuki Sanada),the son of a ninja who was killed in battle alongside Uncle Foo, who is mistakenly convinced that the old man was responsible for his father's death.

After finding out that the elderly ninja was not responsible, Jin-wu teams up with Jay in a battle to the death against a common foe—The Magician (Hwang Jang Lee),the father of a character bested by Jay in a fight earlier in the film.

From the opening ninja training scenes to the final showdown, Cory Yuen continuously displays his amazing ability to choreograph and direct jaw-dropping action sequences: witness Conan Lee kicking the Bull Demon's butt in an amazing fight on stilts; Marvel as Jin-wu goes sword-to-sword and then hand-to-hand against a scarred ninja master; laugh at the ultimate battle as comedy and action are delivered in equal doses and a pair of breasts save the day (!).

Although belief must be suspended from time-to-time (particularly in one sequence in which Jay utilises a double sided sheet, a plethora of booby traps and some 'silver dust' to give himself the advantage in battle),Ninja in the Dragon's Den is superb entertainment and well worth a watch.

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