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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mccabe-shannon9 / 10

Good all around- excited for more

The story was good, the acting was good, the production was good. It's less cheesy than the other HM mysteries series. I mean not much but a bit. I think the casting was really well done, I love the leads on this one. They play off each other well and have a good chemistry. Some of the side characters were a bit... much (or well typical for hallmark).

It was well written, it wasn't completely obvious from the outset who did it. There were clues along the way so it wasn't a complete shock but the misdirection was good.

The background story about the parents is a good way to keep this one going for a Bit.

As always I have the complaint of why say you're somewhere if it's obviously not filmed there. The overview shots of Chicago were nice, but it's obviously not filmed in Chicago. And If they're going to use real areas to make it believable, atleast make it believable. It would take one consultant or a few hours of research to make it more believable.

I'm excited for more installments and will definitely watch them when they come out!

Reviewed by doug2go8 / 10

Good Chemistry

The Story was a little weak but the chemistry between the two main characters was a 10 - and the ending was an unexpected surprise - which makes this new Hallmark Mystery series a winner in my book. Given the departures of so many Hallmark Mystery stars over the last few months - this is a breath of fresh air and I am looking forward to the next mystery in this series.

I give high marks for the direction that kept this somewhat weak story moving so that the actors didn't get bogged down with minutia - the head fake romance was a great diversion and super misdirection for the story - that will become clear when you watch the whole show.

Reviewed by gfrasmd4 / 10

Great sisters act, idiotic crime plot.

Let me begin with stating that, despite spoilers comments, I will not perpetrate the major crime of revealing the culprit.

From the content of this movie, it is safe to assume Hallmark is planning to make Nora and Nikki a returning couple in a series of productions that I do wish successful.

There is a lot of potential with the characters, whom I have really enjoyed. Besides the fact that I like Rhiannon Fish, Hunter King was a welcome addition. The interaction of the sisters, one serious, methodical and tenacious, the other free-spirited, ebullient and creative, makes it more than enough for a good show and captivates the audience.

The problem is the crime canvas, psychologically lame and fraught with an inexcusable flaw.

That characters involved would show emotions and behaviors stretched to the limit of credibility, it almost a given. The intent is to create drama and sway a confused audience from the suspect. Only really intelligent and insightful scriptwriters can achieve this goal with subtlety.

Here, the victim, Bolton, is presented as very capable, even too artful. Yet, he totally mishandles the case of a young baseball player, There is no apparent explanation for this, if not the need to create two irate suspects of his murder, father and son. What's more, the end shows Bolton to conveniently turn his back to his murderer, leaving his safe wide open, with his gun in plain view. Not very smart for a smart guy. So, the culprit, whose motive I shall not reveal, fuming with rage, stuns him with a blow on the back of the head, kills him with his gun, and rationally creates the scene of a suicide, including typing a brief "suicide" note. A murder staged as such, could only be carried on successfully with cold planning and premeditation. It is hard to believe that an enraged person, filled with conflicting emotions, could perform it well.

Yet, these flaws become irrelevant, compared to the next one, that renders the plot absurd. The murderer STUNS the victim with a HARD BLOW on his head. Yet, nobody, including the medical examiner, notices the head injury, which would have made it highly unlikely to rate the death as SUICIDE. Hence, the entire story of the sisters investigations is built on an impossibility and, retrospectively, makes no sense. Unless you assume the event was handled by La-la-land Police and the most careless, inept medical examiner, ever.

Thus said, I do hope Nora and Nikki come back to us, with a more intelligent script.

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