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Kevin Zegers as Chad
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Janet Montgomery as Marguerite
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Blue Kimble as Kentavious
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movieswithgreg3 / 10

Watch if you don't care about student-level films entertaining you

This is one of a legion of today's cheap-but-still-pretty-enough-to-watch movies we see today, thanks completely to the most affordable video and computer production technology in the history of cinema.

It COULD have been so many things, including a major hollywood film. All it needed was better writing, better direction, better pacing through editing, much better acting, more money to use more cameras to capture more coverage.

I say that because this has many half-buried nuggets of quality -- in the dialogue, in the setups, even in the plot ideas. But none of them pay off. Only one actor can act well -- the lead actor. But in the bigger world, he's nothing more than a pretty face in a sea of pretty faces with bodies of underwear models.

Reviewed by projectinfinitysales8 / 10

Cool modern thriller

This movie reminded me a lot of Neon Demon and Euphoria and Assassination Nation the way it was shot. And it does play toward/against that same millennial crowd. I thought they executed everything in a unique way. Also reminded me of Eyes Wide Shut.

Reviewed by agentgamemovie8 / 10

Chace Crawford at his finest

You have never seen Chace Crawford do such a fantastic job acting. In addition to him, the performances by Blue Kimble and a select few others make for one of the great ensemble cast films of recent years.

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