Night of the Warrior

1991 [FRENCH]

Action / Sport

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Lorenzo Lamas as Miles Keane
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Kathleen Kinmont as Katherine Pierce
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Arlene Dahl as Edie Keane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjdosz4 / 10

Interesting Bad Action Movie

"Poe's Law" is usually used to describe the confusion that results from a politician or religious leader being so "out there" that it is almost impossible to distinguish him from a parody version of the same type of person. I think we can apply Poe's Law to almost every bad action movie ever made (i.e. Steven Seagal, J.C. Van Damme, Lorenzo Lamas...Don't get me wrong, I love these films and sometimes the worse they are, the more I can enjoy them). This film is no exception with it's trite dialog and flimsy plot. Some highlights include the music score, which is slightly more creative than most films from this genre, but I laughed out loud when Lamas confronts an art museum tour group by pointing at a photo of a homeless guy and angrily yelling, "Do any of you see that the man in this photograph spends the night freezing, out in the cold?" They all shake their heads like imbeciles, "No, we can't see it". Lorenzo's character is soooo deep (uh, not)! I gave this film a 4 out of 10 within the bounds of the action movie genre.

Reviewed by sveknu1 / 10

No hope at all for this movie

I've actually read some posts on various message boards saying that this is one of Lorenzo Lamas' good movies. The people who wrote that are either 1)joking, 2)extremely delusional or 3)Lorenzo Lamas himself. How it managed to obtain a 2.9/10 ranking is beyond me. It deserves nothing more than the 1/10 I so rightfully gave it. Why is that? When a movie is in the action/martial arts genre, you expect to see what? Do you know the right answer? Sadly, the people behind this movie didn't know it. (The answer is martial arts scenes/action scenes, btw.). Instead, we get a lot of pointless scenes from some very dark locations, an extremely slow plot development and I guess a lot of additional crap that I've already forgotten about. It's not as bad as Gladiator Cop, but it's close. VERY close.

Reviewed by tarbosh220006 / 10

You will get a kick out of Night of the Warrior!

Miles Keane (Lamas) is a motorcycle-riding smart-ass bad-ass who is an amateur photographer. He owns a club with his mother. He has to pay back a loan to gangster Lynch (Geary). In order to pay back the loan, rather than use money, he is forced to fight in, of course, underground punchfighting tournaments. After years of scrapping, Miles walks away from Lynch. For the next 45 minutes, he takes pictures of bums, falls in love with waitress Katherine (his real-life wife Kinmont, of Final Impact fame),and tends to his kabuki strippers in his club. When Lynch beats up Miles' mom and kidnaps Katherine, Miles is forced to fight one last time. Will Miles be able to defeat Lynch and go back to a life of photographing bums and ride off into the sunset on his Harley with Katherine?

Possibly a first in punchfighting movie history, in "Night of the Warrior", men "mud-fight", and bite each other like animals. When this isn't delighting the eye of the viewer, there are Body Rock-like dance sequences. Of course, there is a training sequence featuring Lamas alone meditating with candles.

About Miles' fascination with bum photography, he claims in all earnestness, "I want to be inside them". Note he didn't say "their heads". There is an opera-singing bum meant to be comic relief, especially when he lets loose an operatic "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" On the subject of comic relief, there is Coco the chef, Katherine's uncle. He has a silly long mustache and he burns all the food. On the subject of photography, Lynch has his own headshot, which he gives to Mom to give to Miles to say Katherine has been kidnapped. Isn't that weird?

Surprisingly, there is a sufficient lack of action here. There are really only two action scenes. Many of which feature Lamas karate-chopping people in the neck. As in Ring of Steel and Cobra, the climax occurs in a "steam factory". Apparently it's a great place to settle your disputes.

If you appreciate the other films in Lamas' oeuvre, you will get a kick out of Night of the Warrior!

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