Night of the Seagulls

1975 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby6 / 10

A worthy entry with ample atmosphere, desolated settings n once again the inclusion of the zombie horses.

I saw this for the first time recently. This one is the fourth and final in the Blind Dead series n much better than the previous one. It has good atmosphere, the setting is isolated n creepy, lil nudity n the zombie horses r back once again. The film gets a bit slow but ther is sufficient tension n creepiness.

A doc along with his wife moves into a very desolated n archaic coastal town, where they are met with distrust and hatred from the locals. The couple is unaware that the town's people offer live human beings to the undead Templars who sacrifice the human beings in front of an idol n drink their blood n eat their meat.

When the knights templars weren't dead, they used to check out the boobs before stabbing the victims n aft turning into zombies, old habits die hard.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden7 / 10

An agreeable conclusion to the series.

The Spanish zombie film series known as the "Blind Dead" films finishes with this typically well done horror show. The Knights Templar are once again doing what they do best. This time, they haunt the residents of a coastal village for seven nights, every seven years. Beautiful young virgins must be sacrificed for the village to receive some semblance of peace. Into this setting come the intrepid young doctor Henry Stein (Victor Petit) and his lovely wife Joan (Maria Kosty). The locals make it clear that he is not welcome, but he insists on meddling in their business, and naturally comes to regret it.

"The Night of the Seagulls" is good and solid in the best tradition of Euro horror. It's as beautifully atmospheric as the best in the genre. Director Amando de Ossorio, who'd done all the previous entries, is in his element, and he crafts an effectively macabre outing. It's not going to be nearly gory enough for some viewers, but dwelling on the graphic violence is clearly not de Ossorios' priority this time around. It's all about the mood and the style.

One can hardly fail to notice that there is an absence of strong primary colours, therefore the picture doesn't exactly "pop". It's done in a true "black & white film in colour" manner. The music score by Anton Garcia Abril is sometimes repetitive, but overall it's eerie. The admittedly simple story plays like a nightmare come to life.

The acting is generally engaging; Henry and Joan are obviously not the brightest bulbs in the drawer, but they're not unlikable. Both Petit and Kosty are fine. Standing out are Sandra Mozarowsky as the brave Lucy, who's willing to befriend the couple, defy her peers, and divulge as much exposition as she knows, and Jose Antonio Calvo as the much abused town simpleton Teddy, for whom it's not hard to feel sympathy. The Knights Templar are as spooky and hideous as they've ever been.

Well worth watching for genre buffs.

Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by gavin69426 / 10

Blind Dead: Part Four

The Knight Templars return in this fourth installment of the Blind Dead series. On this outing, the Templars haunt a fishing village, where they rise seven nights every seven years to claim their sacrificial offerings in return for the safety of the townspeople.

Maybe this was not such a wise choice given that I don't believe I've seen the other three Blind Dead films, and really haven't seen much from Amando de Ossorio... so my frame of reference is definitely off. But it didn't seem to ruin the plot.

I actually really like the mix of modern and medieval. Not only the two time periods, but even when the modern time is shown, the city still has a very old look to it. This seems to be something Spanish and Greek horror films do well, using the countries' old buildings as part of their set.

Unfortunately, the film quality was terrible, but this may have just been the version I watched (which had Russian subtitles, too).

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