Next Exit


Comedy / Mystery / Romance / Sci-Fi

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Karen Gillan as Dr. Stevensen
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Rose McIver as Heather
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Rahul Kohli as Teddy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp9 / 10

Haunting of Next Life (without a Manor)

No pun intended - yes the two main actors played key roles in a Mike Flannigan show. Actually the male lead was also quite impactful in Midnight Mass - and will be in the next show of Flannigan too. So no surprise he got thanked in the credits.

Maybe because the two seem very comfortable with each other. And when I say that, I don't mean they hit it off as characters, but their chemistry is really something to behold. A road movie can get boring or stall at some point. I never felt that there was a chance of that happening here.

And that is a testament to the movie, script, director but also the actors of course. There are episodes on the road and there is the goal they want to reach. The goal that includes Karen Gillian - another collaborator from Flannigans past (Oculus, highly recommended),though you may know her from the MCU as Nebula.

But again the main focus is the duo and their journey. The dialog feels fresh and real - the characters while flawed and on a self destructive trip do connect with the viewer. Really well made and while it may not really answer questions about after life (or maybe it does for you?),it is more than worth a watch.

Reviewed by phoenix-879371 / 10

Next Exit Isn't Worth It.

Next Exit Isn't Worth It. And I saw it for free. They were giving away tickets for one performance, and the theater was maybe 1/3 full.

What good can I say about it? Interesting cinematographic approach in the first scene.

It is very choppy, with no clear point, message, or plot. It is various unconnected scenes joined together with no real flow between them. The heroine sells a television set, pockets the cash, and then destroys the television in front of the buyer with no clue of why. They are driving on I-40 westbound and suddenly are on a dirt road with no indication of how they got there.

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