New Kung Fu Cult Master

2022 [CHINESE]

Action / Fantasy

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Donnie Yen as Zhang Sanfeng
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ajleong-987256 / 10

It's NOT as bad as what others said! It's an OK movie!

It's definitely a big challenge to squeeze such a long story into one movie, as a result it's made into Part 1 & 2. This movie (Part 1) focuses mainly on introducing the characters and the different sects (e.g. Shaolin, Wu Dang, ErMei...),as well as the complicated conflicts among them; while Part 2... NOT sure yet, as it's NOT yet released (hee...).

The pace is good and it flows well from the beginning to the end! It kept me going on and I could hardly feel bored!

The role selection is a bit off! E.g. Getting 42-year-old Raymond Lam to play the role of an early 20's Zhang WuJi is NOT convincing at times. Besides, Donnie Yen is NOT old or 'there' enough to play the role of Zhang SanFeng. Instead, they shall consider Sammo Hung.

Basically, it's a very RUSHING movie, with the first 30 minutes introducing Zhang Wuji's background info (including his parents, grand-father, step-grand-father...); then it goes straight to the fight among the various sects. Due to time constraint, there is NO CHANCE for character development within each sect. Therefore, having known the storyline of this Jin Yong's novel in advanced is definitely an advantage.

The actions are ok - typical HK + China style - where they fly here and there while fighting, NO more NO less, at acceptable level.

Overall, it's an ok movie. I enjoyed watching it, and it's pretty entertaining! Despite the role selection issue + rushing pace, I am good with it! And I look forward to watching the Part 2 in the coming weeks.

Reviewed by undr_taker5 / 10

Not as Good as The Classic

I am a big fan of the original Kung Fu Cult Master with Jet Li so was excited to hear of this movie.

Plenty of famous movie stars in this movie.

They even have Donnie Yen but unfortunately he didn't do much.

Overall the movie felt kinda rushed. Don't really connect with the leads and the fight scenes were far better in Jet Li's version.

Reviewed by xiaohei-801121 / 10

Waste of time and money

All the famous actor already know this show sure flop yet still come to appear at this show because of Director Wong Jing. All didn't portray well , just use poker face finish the lines and that's it. Old school camera style.

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