Never Weaken


Action / Comedy / Thriller

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silent film

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Harold Lloyd as The Boy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton9 / 10

Roy Brooks Wants to Marry Mildred Davis

It's a hard life, so never weaken. Harold and Mildred Davis are in love.... but Mildred's osteopath employer has no business, so Harold and an acrobat friend go out, fake some accidents and cause real ones to drum up business so he won't fire her.

It's one of Harold's best shorts, with a lovely series of gags in two parts. In the first half, watching Harold cause havoc in the streets of Los Angeles, and in the second, when Harold wants to kill himself -- Mr. Lloyd seems to have been the premiere comic when it comes to funny attempts to commit suicide. There's also one of his best thrill comedy sequences on a construction site (with liberal uncredited doubling by Harvey Parry) and what Lloyd later claimed was his most satisfying ending to any of his shorts.

Although perhaps the end was not yet. Miss Davis did not become Mrs. Lloyd until 1923.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

early Harold Lloyd

The Boy (Harold Lloyd) flirts with The Girl in a neighboring office. She becomes distraught when her boss informs her of them moving due to a lack of patients. The Boy causes mayhem in the streets as he tries to drum up business for her. A misunderstanding leaves him suicidal as he comically tries and fails to kill himself.

This early Harold Lloyd has his every man character and his sky high stunts. This 29 minutes short has all of the Harold Lloyd comedic concepts. The I-beam reminds me of an old cartoon. The sequence needs a little more work. This is a good starting point for early Harold Lloyd.

Reviewed by Ron Oliver10 / 10

Out On A Girder With Mr. Lloyd

A HAROLD LLOYD Short Subject.

A lovesick young man must NEVER WEAKEN when he unexpectedly finds himself in a most precarious & dangerous situation.

Here is one of Harold Lloyd's thrill pictures, which offers quick-moving comedy and genuine suspense. The first half of the film has Harold trying to roundup patients for his girlfriend's boss. The second half puts Harold up on the framework of a building under construction - clutching, crawling & careening out over empty space. His obvious athletic ability is made even more remarkable by the fact that he was using only half of his right hand, his disfigurement, caused by a studio accident, hidden by a glove.

Pretty Mildred Davis, who would soon become Mrs. Harold Lloyd, plays the object of his affections.

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