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Sean Patrick Flanery as Nefarious
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Jordan Belfi as Dr. James Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sams-8274510 / 10

Great movie! Not sure why the overall rating is down

This movie is great! Nice to see a different viewpoint in Hollywood that doesn't support the whole narrative and mainstream media.

Getting back to the roots of basic good and evil and religion is nice change of scenery in movies.

Not sure why such the negative critic reviews and the low overall score considering all the 10/10 reviews.

The two actors worked well off each other.

The movie kept you on the edge of your seat wanting and waiting for what was next to happen.

I will continue to recommend this movie and tell everyone to ignore the bad critic reviews as obviously they're playing politics.

Reviewed by jeff-bundrick10 / 10

Incredible acting, mind-blowing content

I find it very interesting that at the time of this review, there are 102 10-star user reviews, 28 9-star reviews, nine 8-star reviews, two 6-star reviews, one 5-star, one 4-star, two 2-star reviews, and 17 1-star reviews. When added together, this is 1386 stars divided by 161 reviews, which equals an average review of 8.6 stars. Oddly, this movie currently has a 5.5-star review and all featured reviews are 1-star. Reminds me of the NYT "best-seller" list and big tech algorithms used by FB and YT. No bias or slanted algorithms here.

Sean Patrick Flanery deserves an Oscar for his brilliant acting, and you deserve to be able to see and enjoy this film. If you want depth of dialogue, quality writing, and phenomenal acting, watch it and make up your own mind instead of accepting the minority trolls' opinion.

Reviewed by suzeew8 / 10

Intense movie with SUPERB acting! The horror is real.

NEFARIOUS is not the kind of movie I would normally go to see. I did, however, have an idea what it was about and respect the writers and directors. Sean Patrick Flannery performed his role with intensity, superbly portraying a man possessed by evil, as well as showing the fragility of the man Edward. Jordan Belfi was also a worthy opponent, or perhaps victim, as the psychiatrist sent to analyze Edward's mental condition. And Edward's future was always hanging in the balance. .There is a believable portrayal of demon possession; and, if you can tolerate that and a rather violent event near the end, I recommend this movie.

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