Narvik: Hitler's First Defeat


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Reviewed by kenntha1 / 10


Beeing from Narvik myself we grew up with the history around the battle of Narvik but this movie uses 90% of the time only to tell the personal stories of a couple with Hollywood cliche after Hollywood cliche instead of telling the real story.

We got 6 seconds of the huge naval battles! Absolutely awful movie! Some small plus for scenery and recreation but this movie should have been a TV series as it was originally planned and not a movie that is way too short to tell the whole tale about the Battles of Narvik!

I will give it some small plus for the recreation of the landscapes and surroundings which are quite true, however this was a huge disappointment.

Reviewed by OJT8 / 10

Hitler's first defeat

"Kampen om Narvik - Hitler's første nederlag" (in English: The Battle of Narvik - Hitler's first defeat") directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg had a hard time reaching the cinemas, two years after first planned premiere,due to covid and then the eruption of the Ukraine war, but when it finally did it does to full houses across Norway.

The plot follows a soldier, Gunnar, and his family during the outbreak of the war, and the freeing of Narvik, a battle which kept going for 40 days, and we can feel the difficulties of war, with his wife obliged to help as a German translator.

The film is superbly filmed in locations Narvik, Drammen and Rjukan, and the sound is awesome.. the story manages to grip on several levels, and I found it both interesting and good, telling me history I didn't know about from before.

Another good Norwegian war movie, well worth a view.

Reviewed by NordUnited682 / 10

What a disappointment

"The Battle of Narvik", reduced to a couple of scenes of the actual land battle where thousands of norwegian, polish, french and british soldiers participated replaced with a terrible undercover agent storyline, and next to nothing from the sea battles that took place.

The script is all over the place, the acting is atrocious at times, and generally wooden. The directing appears very uninspiring and the camerawork was caught lacking at numerous points.

The one positive from the movie was the work done by the costume and prop department in an otherwise disappointing movie, which should have portrayed the actual land and sea battles that took place instead of a cliché double agent storyline.

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