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Anna Diop as Aisha
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Leslie Uggams as Kathleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chenp-547087 / 10

Although somewhat disjointed, Nikyatu Jusu delivers a really interesting story

Saw this back at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Horror elements about immigrants and culture is quite interesting. It's not often we see these themes and categories play together in a film in recent time. Nanny contains a really intriguing narrative about immigration, babysitting, and culture that is filled with interesting aspects of terror, great performances from the cast especially Anna Diop, and some really beautiful camerawork displayed. Some great production designs and there is one particular costume moment that caught me off guard in a good way. This is director's Nikyatu Jusu first feature I believe and for a first time, she proves that she has something to offer in the upcoming future. The characters were really interesting and they all have a purpose to serve throughout this movie.

While the movie is insightful, the horror elements didn't really work well at times. The movie has been described as a horror movie but it really felt more like a psychological drama movie. The horror elements did end up becoming stale and unnecessary at times. This is a problem because it ends up becoming repetitive and too much to carry on and this could lead the audiences to be annoyed or tiring to focus on. Some of the music could be better as it didn't really fit the tone of the movie at times.

Despite it's flaws, director Nikyatu Jusu shows talent throughout this movie and I look forward to see what she comes up with next.

Reviewed by ryanoliveira39 / 10

Highlight of Sundance 2022

A scary, thought provoking visually stunning film that's a must see from this years Sundance film festival. Powerful visuals and performances. Go watch this as soon as you can.

Reviewed by msbreviews5 / 10

Nanny boasts an intriguing story about maternal instincts that will also touch the hearts of many immigrants.

If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free thoughts, please follow my blog to read my full review :)

"Nanny boasts an intriguing story about maternal instincts that will also touch the hearts of many immigrants. Anna Diop probably delivers her career-best performance, commanding the screen in an almost mesmerizing manner.

The enclosed location is gorgeously handled by Rina Yang's remarkable cinematography, but the admittedly significant supernatural elements become too repetitive and too heavy throughout the runtime. The ending saves an impactful yet underwhelming revelation that warrants the eerie atmosphere, but the inevitable pacing issues may leave the audience too tired by that point.

Still, Nikyatu Jusu shows tremendous skill and braveness by tackling one of the most demanding filmmaking tasks while carrying a unique voice. One to look out for."

Rating: C+

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