Nadiya Ke Paar

1982 [HINDI]

Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbhattac10 / 10

A masterpice of a movie - just two and half hours of pure fun and enjoyment.

Director Bimal Roy in Do Bigha Zamin gave a vivid picture of poverty , hardship and desperation in rural India and you will see the happiness, family enjoyment and prosperity in Nadiya ke Paar. Director Govinda Moonis created a masterpiece of a film in Nadiya Ke Paar. The scenes from a family household in rural India, their daily chores, their lives in the village, the wedding ceremony, the holi festival have been masterfully picturised in this family tale so well that you would not like to miss a minute of this grandiose display of filmmaking. I have seen to more movies with the same story line, B.R. Chopra's Gumrah and more recent Hum Apko Hain Kaun but out of the three Nadiya is the best of all three. While the other two are more story oriented, Nadiya Ke Paar is a story of the Indian village life. The actors Sachin and Sadhana Singh gave a superb performance in their respective roles along with all the other major players in the movie. The gradual evolution of love between Gunja ( Sadhana Singh ) and Chandan ( Sachin ) from a stormy first encounter on the river bank is just so wonderful to watch. The music is enchanting specially the one in the bullock cart and the holi song and dance. I have seen this movie a few times and will likely see it many more times in future. Once you start seeing this movie you cannot stop. This is not a movie but the story of Indian village life where the acting, the dialogues, the scenes and music keeps you glued to the screen hoping it never ends.

Reviewed by katyayan-128928 / 10


Review By Kamal K

Wow, how good was this movie, i am just speechless. That time most of the movie can be watched with family, and they contain no vulgarity . This was a great love story between Gunja and Chandan. The characters and songs were fabulous. If you are thinking that this is an old age movie which will fail to entertain you, then you're totally wrong, with entertainment it teaches what family is and its important.

Reviewed by drrajeevshukla10 / 10

All time great

Nadiya ke paar is a phenomenon. A true reflection of rural India in those times & it was brilliant time for sure. Remembering grandpa days. People used to come in bullock cart to see this movie. It was a huge huge hit. The music & cast was superb. Rajshri's pinnacle I guess. HAHK is a poor copy. They don't make movies like this anymore.

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