Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bensonmum23 / 10

Predictable deserted island story with a number of television movie-of-the-week types and Hollywood has-beens

Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women is an utterly predictable deserted island story with a number of television movie-of-the-week types and Hollywood has-beens. The plot: A group of young Catholic school girls are evacuated during the Indo-China War. Their plane crashes on an island and the girls are left to fend for themselves. Fifteen or so years later, a plane carrying a group of men is forced to land on the island. At first the girls, now women, are leery of the men. But the women soon realize that the men and their guns may be able to help them defeat the headhunters who regularly visit the island.

Everything about this television movie is telegraphed from a mile away. The women's reaction to the men - predictable. The men's reaction to the wild women - predictable. The fact that the women's leader, Lizabeth, is a nut-case - predictable. The fact that the women's spiritual leader, Sister Teresa, is actually dead - predictable. The narrow escape at the end from the headhunters - predictable. There's not one surprising moment in the entire 90+ minute runtime. I was able to make coffee, do a load of laundry, and play with my son as I watched the movie and I didn't miss a thing.

The ending of the film is a real letdown. Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women builds toward a promised showdown between the stranded men and the "beautiful women" with the headhunters, but it never materializes. Instead, everyone hops on the plane and takes off. What a cop-out!

Reviewed by jbwphoto17 / 10

Remember this from my Childhood

I came upon this movie by reading Jayne Kennedy's bio. I saw this in the fourth grade. I sat and paid attention and didn't miss a minute. I could not remember the stars at all or much about the characters. I just remembered the babies being on an island due to a plane crash, had to be named by an older girl and that one of them was named Flower.

I was so happy to read posts by other reviewers who saw it and filled in all the details. It wasn't a bad movie and as one reviewer said, isn't the point of a made-for-TV movie to suspend reality for two hours? I would like to see this again and find out how it holds up. Also, the part about the war and which one was totally lost on a fourth grader.

Reviewed by AlsExGal4 / 10

What's mysterious is that I can even find this film...

And yet two other very good made for TV films from that same year of 1979 - "Like Ordinary People" and "Murder By Natural Causes" seem to be lost to the ages.

CBS TV movie thriller from director Joseph Pevney. A planeload of oil company men, including Steven Keats, Clint Walker, Peter Lawford, and Guich Koock, is forced to land on an unknown Pacific island, where they discover a multi-ethnic tribe of beautiful woman living in the jungle. The two groups slowly start to interact, and Keats begins to learn who they are and how they got there, while a tribe of "head-choppers" from a nearby island sporadically attacks them all.

Featuring standard TV-movie production values of the time, this is really just an excuse to show a lot of pretty women in skimpy outfits, while aging male stars get to enjoy a tropical vacation while filming as well as acting with said ladies. The biggest surprise by the end of this one was just how little had actually occurred during its running time. Shot in Hawaii.

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