My Wife Got Married

2008 [KOREAN]

Action / Comedy / Romance

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Ye-jin Son as Joo In-ah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by springonion-779362 / 10

Actors are fine. The story is the problem

If not because of Ye Jin and Kim Joo Hyeok's good acting and a little bit of comedy squeezed in this movie, I'll give this no star. I've watched most of SYJ's movie but this one is meh? My eyebrows were raised most of the time while watching this. I am asking for more until the story ends not because its 'bitin'. it's because it did not justify why the heck Ye Jin's character did this and that. There's seem no backstory why YJ's character came up with that belief/practice. I just pity Kim Joo Hyeok's character here.

Good thing that They had another movie Truth Beneath where I must say, YeJin's one of the best and superb acting.

PS: RIP Kim Joo Hyuk

Reviewed by KineticSeoul3 / 10

Got me in a irritated mood

This is one of the most annoying movies I have seen in a while. Mainly because of Son Ye-jin's character that plays the wife with two husbands. Now I was never a fan of Son Ye-jin although a lot of people seem to like her, her acting just isn't that good and I just dislike her when she acts and this film makes it even worse. Plus there is nothing really entertaining about this movie and have no idea how she won awards for this, maybe cause she showed her tits. And it isn't because it's about a girl that tries to have two husbands, I think husband's cheating on there wife is pretty bad as well. In this her character however tries to act like she is doing the right thing and there is nothing wrong with her actions, while the main husband in the movie is really in love with her and is torn up about the whole situation. To make it worse, when she gets a baby she would not let him know who the baby is from, not even allowing him to DNA test the baby to find out who the real father is. Of course the guy has the right to know and it just made me despise the her character even more. It's just a movie, but man I REALLY hated her character in this. Sure other countries allow polygamy if it's a guy who is doing it and there are plenty of situations in real life and even in movies where the husband cheats on the wife. And like I said, that is not a good thing and unfair for the wife. But the way Son her character approached the whole situation just really irritated me. Plus as the movie progresses, not only does the film get dull but it didn't have my attention what so ever just disliked the wife. She should play a villain in her future movie, where she intentionally plays a very despicable character. I personally think fans of Son Ye-jin could tolerate this film, because I just couldn't. It was very uninteresting and felt like it dragged really bad after a while and just wanted it to end.


Reviewed by sunwarrior137 / 10

A Woman Having Two Husbands

My Wife Got Married is a film about a beautiful woman having two husbands. Wow!!! That is an interesting concept.

What happened if women got into this situation in real life? A lot of people got turned off with this film due to its theme of adultery and the fact that it is a woman who is doing it. For men, it would probably be cool and acceptable. But for women, whatever!!!!!

Anyway, the film something going for it like its plot but it never fully examined it as it played safe in the end. It would have been a classic but instead it turned out into a good movie.

The acting was great though as Son Ye-jin was spectacular as the beautiful woman having two husbands. She showed everyone how great her acting abilities are. A must-see for her fans!!! Another great Son Ye- jin starrer.

Although it was not as good as her other films like A Moment To Remember and The Classic, it is still a must-see for her fans.

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