My Ordinary Love Story

2014 [KOREAN]

Mystery / Romance

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Reviewed by vojtechduchacek9 / 10


I was bored so I browsing the web, found this movie on some random page with Asian films, just by searching for "Comedy" and choosing by the most lovely cover art. When I started watching it, I've imagined it would be like all those pathetic romantic movies I see everywhere, but I've didn't mind it cause I just wanted to chill out doing nothing. Oh god I was never so mistaken. The first half of the story is exactly as I imagined, and even funny, there's a lot of gags in there. As the story progresses, it becomes more and more serious. Starts like a comedy but ends like drama. It really left me with strange feeling, like...

Whoa. This movie really got me.

Reviewed by leonshikto5 / 10

Unexpected turn of events

This movie can be relateable to a real world scenario and how everything could change within a matter of seconds. The genre shift which takes place in the middle of the movie did something new in my opinion as I was not expecting things to go this dark while it started out with being just a comedy.

I give it 1/2 on story as it did have a nice base story. 1/2 on the cast as they handled it well enough during the comic and the thriller moments but they could have been better. The movie gets 1/1 on task fulfillment producing a nice flow of the story. The directing, cinematography and soundtrack did a nice job getting 1/2. Personally, I enjoyed this movie but I will not be tempted for watching it again so I will give 1/2.

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