My Favorite War

2020 [LATVIAN]

Animation / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fisenbollen10 / 10

Brilliant animation

This film is important todayand a must see to remind us about our Freedom and as protection for our values.

Reviewed by rawfootagepodcast8 / 10

Creative telling of dark history

I got strong Jojo Rabbit vibes from this animated, autobiagraphical documentary. It shows a childs-eye-view of growing up in a totalitarian state with inventive fantastical elements, but also the grim realities of growing up in such a way. When it is drawn the past can look particularly grim.

The story of a young girl growing up and gradually coming to realise the propagandas she is swallowing is a powerful narrative. Made more powerful by occasional live-action sequences in which the director returns to her homeland. This gives the film an even stronger context.

The film even touches upon the dangers of local pride and nostalgia by being set in the so called 'Courland Cauldron' an almost forgotten chapter at the end of the second world war. Technically one of the last places where the Germans surrendered. The differences between the 'Patriotic' (i.e. Soviet) version of history that is taught in schools and the gradual realisation of the horrors of war as Ilze Burkovska-Jacobsen grows up is incredibly powerful.

I saw this at the Virtual Glasgow Film Festival 2021 and I really hope it eventually gets proper UK distribution. This is the kind of mature, powerful animation that rarely gets made and we rarely get to see.

Reviewed by samxxxul7 / 10

Sublime and Mature Anti-War film!

Melancholic and bittersweet at the same time, the autobiographical story captures the upbringing of filmmaker Ilze Burkovska-Jacobsen during the Cold War in Latvia, then part of the Soviet Union. The film refers to a lost childhood in the face of the propaganda and hardship present during the cold war under the Soviet regime. Using traditional animation, the movie adapts the minimalistic techniques without appearing excessive which is usually done in regular genre films. It is also supported with some live action and archival footages. There is a sense of dread and grimness that lingers even in the small details of the characters. It doesn't feel predefined subconsciously even though the anti-war theme has been milked by so many filmmakers. The impression is rounded off by a wistful soundtrack which articulates a lot of emotions. Final thoughts, what Ilze has presented us an important Anti-war film without being watered down which makes it a good experience. At the end of the film, we are left with a little hope also triggered on how the situation is still so relevant even to this day. If you are in the mood for a character-based animation movie, this is the place for you.

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