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Wendy Schaal as Marge Mavalle
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Frank Welker as Munchie
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Robert Picardo as Bob Marvalle
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Harvey Korman as Cecil Watterman / Simon Watterman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon4 / 10

About as lowbrow as they get

The title creatures wreak havoc at a peaceful little desert town. That's basically the whole plot for this film, and while the scenes devoted to the Munchies themselves are somewhat fun (in a lowbrow kind of way),all the rest is just filler, and bad filler at that. From the "hero", who is a painful Woody Allen wannabe, to the ultra-dumb town cop, it's hard to pick the most irritating character in the film. There were some times when almost all of them were on the screen together and I was thinking, "OK, at least the girlfriend is cute, but why do we have to put up with the rest of those morons?". The film is also filled with pop references (from Ozzy Osbourne to Linda Blair),which probably made it already dated by the early 90's. (*1/2)

Reviewed by Aaron13753 / 10

Harvey Korman is given the main billing...that should tell you something.

Not a knock on Korman as he was very funny on the Carol Burnett show. He was also good at playing secondary characters in Mel Brooks' movies ("High Anxiety" comes to mind). He is, however, not a person who can carry a movie in dueling roles no less. This one is basically a "Gremlins" knockoff, following a tradition of such movies as "Critters" and "Ghoulies". It is not a very good knockoff either, on par with "Ghoulies", but with a much lighter tone to it as it is no where near as dark as that movie got. In fact, this one is too light and frothy, and unfortunately many of the jokes end up falling flat. Though I did give it a 3 for a score, this is only because there is a movie that is even a worse "Gremlin" knockoff. If you watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 you know the one I am talking about...the infamous "Hobgoblins". This one has a guy finding a little critter in some underground place (I only saw this movie once a long time ago so I don't remember everything to clearly) and it starts out friendly enough. However, this creature quickly becomes unfriendly and of course more are spawned and that is the movie. More misses than hits in the joke department, and it is also really lame to see Korman playing the evil brother role. Best to skip this one, but then you may want to check it out just for kicks.

Reviewed by 13Funbags2 / 10

This could have been something. It wasn't.

I guess this is supposed to be a parody of Gremlins and ET but they forgot that parodies are supposed to be funny. They only character who is even slightly funny is Corman's wife. Most of the comedy is just having everyone be named after a musician. The worst thing is that almost nothing that happened made any sense.

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