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Pat Morita as The Emperor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

It was... decent

Mulan 2 was a decent sequel. Of course it isn't as good as the wonderful original, which is one of the better Disney movies of the 90s. As far as this sequel goes it isn't as good as Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Simbas's Pride and Beauty and the Beast:The Enchanted Christmas, but I do think it is an improvement over Cinderella 2 and Jungle Book 2. The animation wasn't so bad, it was nice and colourful, but nothing too fancy. The avalanche scene in the original made my jaw drop by the way. The songs and music are fairly decent and memorable on the most part, my favourite is "I want to be like other girls" but Jerry Goldsmith, who is my favourite film composer, is missed. The music he did for the original is beautiful, and I don't think is appreciated as much as it should be. I liked the three princess characters as well. And the voice acting on the whole was very good; Ming Na is a spirited Mulan and Pat Morita has little to do, but is fine as the emperor. However, I did miss Eddie Murphy, Mark Moseley did his very best, but Mushu isn't as funny as he was in the first movie, in fact he is annoying and unlikeable often. The story was clumsily handled at times as it seemed to focus on Mulan and Shang's petty arguments than upholding the country honour. And the film was devoid of humour, with the exception of Ling's very lame jokes. And I don't know why Shang is such a jerk in this movie, he isn't really the handsome and brave Shang I came to admire. On the whole, decent, but don't expect the original. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

inferior product

General Li Shang proposes marriage and Mulan happily accepts. Mushu is overjoyed until the ancestors tell him that he gets the pink slip after the marriage. Fearing losing his elevated status, he works to reverse the proposal. The Emperor calls upon General Shang to escort three princesses in an arranged marriage to the kingdom of Qui Gong as peace offerings. Instead of an army, Shang has Mulan and his Gang of Three. The princesses find themselves falling for the three warriors.

The original is a tale of female empowerment. This one is a tale of love marriage. It's a more difficult idea for a modern children's movie because the idea is well into the past. It's something that is taken for granted and the movie feels falling backwards. On top of that, Mushu's betrayal taints the first movie and Eddie Murphy is not even here. There is a doppleganger voice but the difference is noticeable. This straight to DVD movie is an inferior product and that's not unexpected. This didn't have a chance from its initial concept.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese6 / 10

As far as Disney sequels go, this was a pretty cute one

I wasn't expecting much, but I rented Mulan II because I enjoyed the first one pretty well. So I figured to give the second a shot, like I always say, what do I have to loose watching a movie? Sometimes dignity, but what the heck? Honestly though, Mulan II was a pretty cute and lovable Disney sequel, and most of us know, there aren't that many good one's.

But Mulan is back and she is about to marry Shang, Mushu has placed himself on a high pedestal ever since he and Mulan have saved China. But when he finds out from the ancestors that he is about to loose his job, due to the fact that Mulan will now have Shang's ancestors to look after her, Mushu wants to break them up before they get married. Shang and Mulan have been called on a mission to escort the emperor's three daughters to their fiancée's with their three soldiers, but when Mulan gives the girls advice to follow their hearts, it may lead them to three certain soldiers they've fallen for.

Mulan II of course isn't as good as the first Mulan, but it had our favorite characters back. Mushu is just as funny as ever, he and the lucky cricket made a great pair! I would definitely recommend this for a fun family film, but for adults, it's a cute flick to watch, just probably won't see it again.


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