Much Ado About Nothing


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh86%
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black and white

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Ashley Johnson as Margaret
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Nathan Fillion as Dogberry
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Clark Gregg as Leonato
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Amy Acker as Beatrice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Love stories are not done like this anymore ...

Well except when they get done like this, like in this case/instance. It's really great to see a movie like this, even if the tag "poor version of the Branagh" movie is not as wrong as it sounds. But it sounds horrible because "poor" is offensive in the context and not literal, which in this case is the truth. Joss Whedon made this in his own backyard, so there is not really a budget involved here (also casting friends, which in this case are also really good actors of course) in the making of the movie.

Comparing the two movies wouldn't be fair though (and I think the Branagh version, budget wise alone is winning that comparison),but this is a great interpretation of a Shakespeare story that is well known by now. I can't be mad at a movie that is as good as this is though, especially when the fun the people had making this, translates well onto the screen

Reviewed by classicsoncall8 / 10

"You always end with a jade's trick!"

I guess I should have known, but wasn't aware this film was done in Shakespearean verse until it began, and even then I thought the opening scene was going to give way to modern dialog. It took some getting used to, but once well under way, the picture turned out to be quite entertaining. I'm not a Shakespeare buff, so the material was all new to me and the actors involved did a fine job of presenting the play. Maybe this would be a good way to introduce classic literature to an otherwise disinterested audience. I recently watched "Shakespeare in Love" and that was cleverly done as well, however the black and white filming using a present day setting in this film was rather unique. For added poignancy, I think I'll now seek out the Kenneth Branagh version for comparison. I might become a Shakespeare buff after all.

Reviewed by Tweekums9 / 10

Joss Whedon's enjoyable take on one of The Bard's romantic comedies

This retelling of Shakespeare's well known play is set in modern times but maintains the original Elizabethan text. It is centred Beatrice and Benedick two friends who appear to alternately love/hate each other. With this in mind their friends conspire to bring them together; making sure each of them overhears how the other really loves them but can't bring themselves to admit. As well as this romance Benedick's friend Claudio falls in love with Hero, Beatrice's cousin, and is soon engaged to her; however the dastardly Don John is determined to poison that relationship.

The idea of a black and white film made in under two weeks at the director's home might make one fear it will be fairly amateur but when the director is Joss Whedon and the cast is made up of people he has worked with in other projects it works. The story is a lot of fun with plenty of laughs but also some darker moments. The cast does a fine job bringing their characters to life; most notably Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof who are great as Beatrice and Benedick and Nathan Fillion who is hilarious as policeman Dogberry. I had thought I'd spend much of my review comparing this to the excellent 1993 film by Kenneth Branagh but once I started watching this I was easily ably to put that film out of my mind as this is so different in execution. The one-house setting creates an impressive sense of intimacy as does the use of actors that I've often seen acting together before... perhaps emphasised by the fact that I'm currently watching Whedon's 'Dollhouse'; the series that provided at least four of the main cast members! Overall I'd certainly recommend this impressive version of the Bard's play.

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