Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium


Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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Natalie Portman Photo
Natalie Portman as Molly Mahoney, The Composer
Jason Bateman Photo
Jason Bateman as Henry Weston, the Mutant
Dustin Hoffman Photo
Dustin Hoffman as Mr. Edward Magorium, Avid Shoe-Wearer
Kiele Sanchez Photo
Kiele Sanchez as Mrs. Goodman, Who Wants the Store
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sarahelizabethparker10 / 10

I've seen this movie about 50 times

I've rewatched this movie around 50 times. It's that good. I was so disappointed when the director said that the movie was a train wreck, because it just isn't. It's my favorite movie. All the characters are stellar, the plot magical, the music beautiful. It has a good message and great quotes. Sometimes it can be funny and other times sad. A perfect example of a children's movie with depth to it. Is it perfect? No. But I think that's the point.

Reviewed by onthatnote10 / 10

Apparently I'm in the minority: IT WAS A WONDERFUL MOVIE

I watched this with my wife and daughter. We loved it. We thought that the casting was perfect. Hoffman was perfect in the role and brought it to life. Portman was equally perfect for the role. And the kid who played Eric was wonderful. I don't understand the many negative critics of the acting. I thought that the casting couldn't have been better.

The set was incredible. As was the CGI. The Emporium was truly magical. Made you wish it actually existed.

The writing was great. Thoroughly enjoyable story, characters, and humor.

Really don't know why this movie didn't get a higher rating.

Reviewed by bopdog10 / 10

NOT just for kids! I was uplifted, and found my own SPARKLE!

I expected a "kid" movie. And an insipid one at that. Treacly and dumb. So why did I go? Well, I'd seen everything else, and I really like Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman. I like Jason Bateman, too. So I took a chance. And it was really GOOD! True, kids will like this movie. But the theme of belief in one's self, and "possibilities," and all that metaphysical stuff appeals to me. Granted, the story line was about a toy store, but the real story underneath that, and which came shining through the juvenile aspects, was one of TRUE magic and possibility for all of us. The cast played their parts well, and the mechanics of the movie were good--- nice colours, nice sets. The animation, or puppets, or whatever the moving toys were, was believable.

At one point, Natalie Portman asks Jason Bateman if he sees "sparkle" in her. He has to say "no." But later, after the plot unfolds, admittedly predictably, the sparkle finally shows up. It showed up in me, too! The SPARKLE was there throughout the movie.

Whether you have kids or not, if you are in the mood for something light yet meaningful, check this out. It has the wonder of a Harry Potter movie, without the vapid and stupid plot of those films. This movie is brave enough to be simple, and true enough to be.... well, true. I feel better having sen it. And that's a worthy accomplishment for ANY movie!

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