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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

slavery allusion

Unlike other animals, thoriphants have the power of speech which make them especially useful for farm work. Their lives parallel those of the American slaves. Mosley was sold alone as a child. It's twenty five years later. He has his own family and works for a poor struggling farmer. His son Rue discovers paintings which show thoriphants walking upright. He escapes to search for the uprights in hopes of gaining freedom for his family.

I like some of the ideas like the fireflies and the fruits. The main allusion to slavery is a little awkward. I'm willing to go with it but the undeniable consequence of that allusion is that animal domestication is inherently cruel. This idea may work better with a bit more distance. It may need to be a sci-fi story especially with the super-quick evolution of the thoriphants. I also have a question about the uprights. There is a revelation which puts this world into some questioning. This is a functional kiddie movie and it's trying very hard for an adult discussion.

Reviewed by westsideschl8 / 10


Magic fireflies, "What do you want, Mosley?" "I want my family to be free." That statement is a bit ironic given China's censorship & ideological enslavement. Surprised it made it past their censors.

Reviewed by paulclaassen7 / 10

Very different to most animated films.

'Mosley' is a delightful feel-good animated film. It is much darker and deeper themed than most animated films, and I loved it! There were no comic relief characters, no silly slapstick humor (only effective, funny humor).

'Mosley' is a fun-filled, action adventure movie, as Mosley goes in search for the Uprights. The film could very well have been about the Egyptians. It tells of a once incredible, thought to be lost, civilization - called the Uprights. Yup, think Egyptians then and now. They even have hieroglyphics depicting the superior civilization, with the current nothing more than 'slaves'. Sound familiar?

Don't get me wrong, the film is by no means propaganda. It is actually all too fabulous! I loved every minute, and thought this was just stunning. Although animated, it might appeal more to a mature audience due to its darker, more complex theme. A young audience might enjoy it for the dinosaur look-alike characters. Either way, this is a film young and old are sure to enjoy. Mosley is a likable hero, while Warfield, the Hunter, makes for a creepy antagonist.

Would I watch it again? Yes.

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