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Reviewed by parrys210 / 10

"I've got a feeling that tonight is going to be life changing!" Ethan Price

The beginning of More Sex, Lies and Depravity starts with a series of flashbacks that remind the viewer of what happened in the previous film. One line stands out above all others, uttered by Ethan Price: "I've got a feeling that tonight is going to be life changing!". Never have truer words ever been said.

The story picks up roughly eight months after the events of Sex, Lies and Depravity and you quickly realise that everyone either directly or indirectly involved in events are having a hard time coming to terms with their part in the tragedy.

Ethan is clearly suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, to the point that he is starting to lose sight of what he has! Lisa, Hannah's friend from the first film, is campaigning for action against domestic violence of any sort. Even Anna, the social worker, shows that she is a human being with living, feeling emotions (which to be honest, here in the UK, is something that most people forget). One thing is certain, with the exception of Ethan, everyone is trying to justify their actions or inactions, which is something that we would all do during the aftermath of any tragedy, in some cases, even lying to yourself.

Okay, in some ways' we've dealt with the lies aspect of the films titles, let's look at the Sex angle. Here, we are introduced to a beautiful character who works to make a living and feed her habit, in the sex industry. You being to understand their reasons, the danger they face and just how vulnerable they are. The potential for violence is disturbing and when you debase a human being to become nothing more than a commodity, the less moral, unscrupulous and inhumane amongst us, cease to treat them as anything more than just a thing.

On the Depravity side of the title, we encounter two new, extremely vicious characters who pursue Ethan for "past actions". In many ways they are a comedy duo of sorts, only because of their complete lack of respect for other people and even each other. How Ethan deals with this situation is funny (albeit not fully thought through and conceived),that said, it is so Ethan Price in nature, it should be trademarked. Although this side story makes you wonder where the film is going, please stay with it, because it is instrumental to the finale.

Overall, this film is Ethan's journey to try and come to terms and "deal" with his past. You discover things about Ethan, uncomfortable facts relating to his childhood that make you understand and empathise why he behaves the way that he does. It can be very helpful and healing every once in a while to bring some of your issues out for a good airing and look at them in the stark daylight. But unfortunately Ethan does not allow this to happen. This time! In the end you are faced with a shocking, very surprising and emotional ending that leaves you as the viewer caring about the characters and wanting to know more, if anything just to find out what happens next. Anyone who is faced with any form of tragedy, reacts to and deals with it in different ways. As we follow Ethan doing just this, we discover what makes him tick, in doing this it gives you the opportunity as the viewer to examine what you would do and how you would deal with things.

I will say one last thing, if you are an Ethan Price fan, you will enjoy this film because it ends with a 100% Ethan Price style.

Reviewed by diane-618-9216329 / 10


Had the privilege of being asked to attend the premier of 'Sex, lies and degradation' (or Jake 2) at the weekend and I am pleased to say that although it was gritty and consisted of dark themes the overall message was clear. The film offers the audience a taste of how close issues of domestic violence, rape, murder and the seedy world of drugs are to Joe public, in that it could be happening right next door. You might say that these themes have all been done before! However, it is the cast largely made up of young people that convinces the audience that although these perfectly nice people were sitting among us at the premier the audience saw them as totally different people on screen. This it has to be said is testament to convincing actors. We were pr- warned that the sound would not be as it should based on the acoustics of the venue, but that aside the film itself written by Wade Radford and Directed by Jason Impey was made on a shoe string budget and shows what hard work and dedication can achieve. It is testament to the determination of the cast and crew for making a film that, granted isn't to every ones taste but forces us as individuals to be more aware of what goes on under our noses in every day life. Well done to all and I can't wait for the next one.

Diane Merner BA Hons Lit. Literature and Arts critic for Milton

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