Moon Man

2022 [CHINESE]

Comedy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KuroSawWhat8 / 10

Escapist, joyful, family entertainment of the sort which Hollywood has forgotten how to make.

Wonderfully enjoyable and suitable for the whole family, Moon Man is what I had hoped for from The Martian: The jokes are better, the science is good (enough),and the main character is far more likeable, with many moments of laughter and genuine emotion.

In a packed house of mostly Chinese viewers, everyone was having such a good time that even after 2 hours, no one budged from their seat when the end credits started appearing. The woman behind me must have said "oh my god!" to the events on screen at least a dozen times. The film is silly and fun in a way that you simply don't see in Hollywood any more.

Also, major props to the CGI and strong direction! There were so many downright beautiful scenes, taking full advantage of the space setting! This is definitely one to catch on the big screen, if at all possible!

Reviewed by ajleong-987258 / 10

It's a nice and heart-warming sci-fi comedy!! I love it!!

The storyline is quite interesting! The movie is filled with happiness and sadness which touches one's heart very much!

The pace is good! Funny things come and go to keep your boredom away! So even though it's a 122 -minute movie, with the random jokes, you jz don't feel that long at all!

I am impressed by the CGI of the China's production team! All things on the moon and space look so real and so good! China's special effects in movies are rather mature now!

The funny parts are simple and natural, while not the Steven Chow's kinds that are over-done or over-acted. As such, I enjoyed it very much!

Even though the Kangaroo may look rather extra and is a nuisance at the beginning, you will get to accept it and value it at last.

I love the sentimental and human-value of this movie! It touches one's heart very much!

I gave 8 out of 10. It's definitely worth your money watching the cinemas! Trust me, you wouldn't enjoy it if you watch from your TV BOX or LAPPY!! You got to watch it in the cinema in order to enjoy it! Go, Go, Go!!

Reviewed by barryhaworth-18 / 10

Surprisingly enjoyable and moving

I am currently on holidays and decided to go to the movies. The only science fiction movie I could find currently screening was something called "Moon Man", a Chinese language movie billed as a science fiction comedy. This was about a man stranded on the moon when an emergency causes his colleagues to evacuate their moon base. That was about all I knew about it - that, and that it had done very well at the Chinese box office when it was released earlier this year. I almost didn't go, but am glad I did as I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. It was funny, and moving, and beautifully shot - the SFX and visuals and music were spectacular. It had periods of comedy, periods of groan-and-wait-it-out silliness (who brings a kangaroo to the moon?),and others of well thought out science fiction action. At times it had me laughing aloud, and it even managed to move me to tears at one spot. If I had to nit pick I would mention that they didn't make much of an attempt to simulate lunar gravity, and they had things like vehicles stirring up clouds of dust that hung in the (non-existent) air, but these are minor. The movie was subtitled and there were some signs which did not get translated, some of which looked like they were important to the plot.

There were not very many people in the session I went to (four or five, maybe) and there are not many sessions. Here in Australia it was being screened as part of an Asian film festival. I would recommend it very strongly to any science fiction fan - see it on the big screen if you get the opportunity.

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