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Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell
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Dominique McElligott as Tess Bell
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Kevin Spacey as GERTY
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KnatLouie10 / 10

Excellent low-budget sci-fi drama with an amazing cast! ;)

Okay, here's the basic plot (without the twist-spoiler):

Place: The moon. Time: A future not long from now (2030-ish I think). Sam Bell, astronaut, is working on a lunar base of some sort. He is the only person on the entire base, only assisted by an all-knowing robot called GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey). He has been stationed on the base for almost 3 years, his contract nearing an end, and with his flight back to earth scheduled only 14 days away, he can't wait to get back home to see his wife and daughter again. However, suddenly one of the automated moon-vehicles (harvesting rock-samples or whatever) goes awry, and he goes outside of the base to investigate it... but then something unexpected happens, and he has to change his perspective on everything.

  • End of basic plot summary.

Bell is played by the brilliant Sam Rockwell, whom you probably know from "Charlie's Angels", "The Green Mile", "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", "Matchstick Men" or the equally brilliant sci-fi movies "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and "Galaxy Quest". This is probably his biggest part in a movie EVER, and I doubt if he will ever get a role as big as this again (not because he's not capable or worthy of it, but because it was a HUGE performance). If you're a fan of Rockwell (or perhaps of Kevin Spacey's voice),then you will not be disappointed, as they're both great in "Moon".

For sci-fi lovers, this movie is really a blast. It takes some inspiration from such classics like "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Outland", "Silent Running", "Alien", and others, but still manages to be unique and original, something which has become increasingly rare in the recent big-budget/massive special effects/quick fix-tradition of Hollywood nowadays. "Moon" achieved something great for a budget of approximately 5 million dollars, which is ridiculously low by regular movie-standards, where a feature film usually would cost ten times that amount.

As for the theme of the movie, the subjects of alienation, solitude, dehumanization and disbelief are risen (among others),which often leads to some of the best movies (in my opinion),as is the case here too.

All in all, this movie definitely ranks among my personal top-20 all-time sci-fi favorites, and I will presume it will be placed equally high on most sci-fi aficionado's lists. An excellent debut directorial by Duncan Jones, and clearly one of the 5 best sci-fi movies made in the last 10 years. Already looking forward to his next feature film, which allegedly is also going to be a sci-fi movie (although with a much bigger budget).

Final rating: 9.5/10 - a nearly flawless movie.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

A hugely impressive first feature from Duncan Jones

I enjoy sci-fi movies just as much as the next person, and heard so many great things about Moon. To me, it was every bit as good as I had heard, and notable for two things especially.

One is Duncan Jones' direction. For a first feature, I was hugely impressed by the assurance and consistency of the direction here. The other is Sam Rockwell, I have always liked him, and in Moon he is simply amazing in perhaps his best performance.

But these two elements are not the only outstanding elements. The production values may be low-budget, but looking at the film you wouldn't guess that, it does look very polished. The story is explored in a delicate and intriguing fashion with themes of loneliness and humanity, and the script is intelligent and poignant.

The rest of the cast are fine, in particular Kevin Spacey as the voice of Gerty, and the characters are interesting. Though at the end of the day it is Rockwell's film.

All in all, hugely impressive and one of my favourites of the year. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Cerebral exercise with a twist

Stylistically, MOON owes a great debt to the likes of SOLARIS, SILENT RUNNING and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, all films exploring astronauts trapped in a self-made prison in space and suffering the extremes of loneliness. The difference is, while those films were new and thought-provoking at the time, MOON fails to offer much in the way of originality for the modern age.

Critics lauded it, praising a film which eschews action and incident in favour of deep-rooted themes and an exploration of the human condition. However, I just found it boring. The storyline is unengaging and the material is spread way too thinly over the running time. There just isn't enough substance, enough to make me care about the central character's plight or the twists that are gradually unveiled.

I've never been a fan of Sam Rockwell, and his performance here hasn't changed that. MOON deserves to be good for its different-to-the-norm premise, but for a film so singularly lacking in thrills, incident, suspense or, indeed, drama, I wondered at the end why I'd bothered watching it.

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