Moment to Moment


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Honor Blackman Photo
Honor Blackman as Daphne Fields
Peter Robbins Photo
Peter Robbins as Timmy Stanton
Jean Seberg Photo
Jean Seberg as Kay Stanton
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Sean Garrison as Mark Dominic
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Doylenf6 / 10

A romantic suspense tale in the mold of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller...

For avid fans of Alfred Hitchcock's style of suspense, MOMENT TO MOMENT will fill the bill nicely--especially since it's lavishly photographed among some beautiful French Riviera surroundings and extremely well played by JEAN SEBERG (at her most radiant) and has HONOR BLACKMAN in an enjoyably campy role as her best friend and neighbor.

Seems that Jean is a bored housewife who drifts into a tender affair with a hunky sailor (SEAN GARRISON, whose career seemed to go nowhere except to TV roles),and when she kills him during an explosive argument she gets help from her neighbor to bury the body in a nearby ravine. From then on, it's a cat-and-mouse game with the French authorities that keeps the audience guessing right up until the finale.

Under Mervyn LeRoy's direction, this is a little slow-moving when it should have been more taut with suspense. Still, it's so attractively filmed and performed, and accompanied by an attractive Henry Mancini score, that it's recommended viewing for any fan of this sort of suspenseful romance.

Reviewed by droche-38 / 10

Like Hitchcock? You will love this.

This is a good movie in the Hitchcock vein, in which small details form the key to intense pathos. Will the husband notice the thing she mentioned in passing? Will her child inadvertently play with the wrong toy? Will the best friend keep the story straight? It takes a tangled web of lies and omissions to keep silent an impulsive affair--and a possible murder--when everything is so interconnected. No real villains here, but faulted humans trying to be happy, and not upset the house of cards that comprise their private lives. Good performances by Honor Blackman and Jean Seberg. You will be on the edge of your seat, and clutching a hankie at the same time. Great retro-fun when it comes out on DVD!

Reviewed by sunabeee9 / 10

Momment to Momment

I too have loved this movie ever since I saw it.

The difference is that I fell in love with the scenery and THe old French style House and of course the music .

Will be purchasing it but am waiting for a DVD version if that will ever happen. The acting is phenomenal.

The scene at the fountain has stayed with me for a long time . I too was a teenager when I first saw it. The cinematography was so great in the beginning scene. The intensity is felt and you feel like your right there with them.

And the actor is so handsome.

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