Mischief Night


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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

Dull mischief

'Mischief Night' did intrigue me first hearing of it, when it appeared in my recommended for you section. This was when reviewing another low-budget horror recently as part of one of my many completest quests. The concept was pretty great and could have been quite creative and the cover looked very creepy.

Unfortunately, the potential 'Mischief Night' had was not lived up to. There are definitely far worse films, at least 'Mischief Night' didn't insult my intelligence or make me regret even watching it. It did leave me feel frustrated because it could have been good, was not expecting originality but was sort of hoping that it would be engaging, entertaining and scary, neither of which were there enough. There are moments, but we don't want moments, consistency in my mind is preferable. This is not coming from somebody with a bias against low-budget, far from it, there are some good ones out there that overcome budget limitations. Nor is it coming from somebody who wanted to hate it, would never do that with any film.

As said, 'Mischief Night' has its moments and good points. It doesn't look too bad, some atmospheric lighting, an unsettling setting and some style in the photography. There is some creepiness and a sense of unease, a few did make me jump or bite my nails.

Nor is the acting a complete disgrace. Not incredible certainly, but they at least try. Noell Coet and underused Ally Walker come off best. The music has some eeriness.

However, the story does lack tension and suspense on the most part and suffers from a generally dull pace, too many easily foreseeable moments and that a potentially creative premise has very ordinary execution. The kills, which are not many, are not scary or innovative and they are also pretty tame, lack build up and treated indifferently. Things don't make sense either, something that is apparent as early on as the confused and far from relevant opening, everything just comes over as vague and the conclusion feels unfinished.

Script is full of awkwardness and cheese, the direction is lethargic and the characters are underdeveloped and in some cases annoying. The editing can lack cohesion, with continuity errors and inconsistencies to fill a novel the size of the longest Stephen King book, and limitations show in the cheap effects. Didn't get any threat out of the villains.

Overall, far from a complete mess but the severely lacking execution of the story ruins it. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10

Walton's Way

This is the blind person terrorized by an intruder film. There has been nearly a dozen of these made and I thought this was one of the worse. Emily Walton (Noell Coet) who is psychologically blind from an automobile accident where her mother (Shannon Makhanian) died, must defend herself against an intruder on mischief night.

There were only three characters introduced besides Emily. Two of them are victims and the third is doubtful, leaving you with a senseless meaningless film that is simply a break-in for the sake of a break-in. No twist.

Emily is blind, but watches TV and turns the lights on. Had the feel of a made for TV drama. I didn't feel the intensity or horror.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by matt3593 / 10

Interesting Premise, Poor Execution

This movie missed an opportunity for a great twist at the end. This could've all been a messed up experimental therapy to get her to see again in order to save her dad. Instead, you get a rather aimless plot that doesn't seem to explain what mischief night is or why it matters.

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