Mind and Machine

2017 [SPANISH]

Action / Crime / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by catrike4 / 10

a bit slow but good

I personally didn't like how the movie ended, but regardless of that it was a good low budget movie. The plot was unique. The acting was good. It was a tad bit slow but not so much as to lose interest.

Reviewed by JoeB1312 / 10

Can't tell the Robots without a scorecard

Yup, the acting was so wooden, you weren't really sure which characters were supposed to be robots, and which ones just had robotic actors.

So the plot is that human like robots are widely available on the market, and some criminals have gotten the brilliant idea to use them as prostitutes or assassins. Except, of course, the logic makes no sense.

This movie was made on the cheap, where they couldn't even hire a body double for the main actress to fill in for her that matched. Not to mention, no blanks and no squibs for multiple scenes involving gun shots. It's like they had no budget.

The climax builds up to the Robot realizing the people around her are using her and decides to kill them instead of the people she is hired to kill. Which again- makes no sense.

Reviewed by casablancavic8 / 10

Good casting for Mya

Yes, the script is a little rough and it could have had more of a solid story with real development, but it was entertaining enough for the time.

The color was bland and locations were also lacking in real substance - but what impressed me was the casting for Mya.

She fit right. She has the right skin type to play a machine and the mannerisms that also fit.

There are flaws to the story - no doubt, but like Charlize Theron - Ariana Guerra has something unique which brings the charm and hits the perfect style needed to play an emotionless character who is learning and slowly advancing as a killing machine.

I could not imagine too many actresses who can pull that off.

Once again, I place her in the same league as Charlize Theron - flawless in execution. She brings the magic to the movie - where everything else is missing something of importance or detail which loses the over all story.

A bigger budget, another worked over script worth more to it and some better effects and camera work - as well as some nice color and this film would have been just awesome.

Some of the casting for the characters and their overall presence was poor - but Mya's was spot on for the part - and for this reason alone, is why this movie intrigued me.

This is a small budget film - but the real star of this is the execution of the flawless skinned and dead blank stare which is not easy to pull off, but is fine tuned by the actress who did this role.

That is why this movie gets an 8.

I've seen other robot/android movies and as good as they are - and in this, I include the Terminator movies (which I find just wicked) - but even they don;t have that same dead look in the eyes.

The actress did just a phenomenal job in that role and if she carries on doing such great work - she may have a very large career in her future.

The person who cast her gets kudos as well - because there are thousands of girls of all nationalities - and they would not be able to achieve the same result. Good job on getting the right girl - with the right look and the right presence for a movie which just wouldn't have been the same without her.

While the rest of the cast could have easily been replaced with just about anybody else- big names or not - there are very few women who can deliver that cold, blank and unfriendly emotion.

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