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Johnny Depp Photo
Johnny Depp as W. Eugene Smith
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Bill Nighy as Robert Hayes
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Hiroyuki Sanada as Mitsuo Yamazaki
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Tadanobu Asano as Tatsuo Matsumura
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goshamorrell10 / 10

Depp's best film yet

"Minamata" showcases its desire to be an important movie in almost every frame. It tries to be a character study, a commentary on the power of photojournalism, and a study in how the large profit margins of major corporations can attract those without moral compasses. Sadly, it too often misses the first of those three narratives by underlining and emphasizing the second pair, and character is really the most important thing about films like this. A "message movie" only works because of the characters who convey it. We admire films like "Spotlight" and "Dark Waters" not solely because of the true stories they unveil but because of how those messages are embedded in character dramas. Leading man Johnny Depp is up to the challenge, and he gives a finely tuned performance here that kind of feels like his first "old man" turn, and he's matched by a charming piece of work from Minami, but "Minamata" is weighed down by self-important direction that loses the human beings in this story by prioritizing the headlines. The problems come when Levitas tries to translate that passion into interesting drama. He hired great people in terms of craft, working with the great Benoît Delhomme ("At Eternity's Gate") to give the entire production a charged visual acumen. And the legendary Ryuichi Sakamato provides a lovely score. But these master craftsmen almost enable Levitas' fatal flaw, one that really lands with a final photo montage of disasters like Minamata from around the world, making it clear how much the producers here feel like they've made a definitive film instead of just a heartfelt one. A film like "Minamata" doesn't need to tell every story like it, look perfect, or have a mesmerizing score. It needs to be a little edgy and gritty and human to feel true. Otherwise, it feels like something we look at through a lens, something we observe and admire but can never get our hands on to truly feel.

Reviewed by anthonyjlangford9 / 10

Depp a Star

Johnny Depp has what many actors don't. Even the current so called top tier ones. Charisma. Star power. Whatever that x factor is, he has it. And has done for 35 years. The fact that he has been cancelled by the Hollywood feminist/woke brigade is a disgrace. He has not been found guilty of anything. He initiated a defamation case that was not successful. The only person admitting to DV in a recording was that horrid entity he was with. Her career goes on and she can barely act. This man is a star. It's simply sexist hypocrisy. Put him back on the screen where he belongs.

Is the film good? Yes. Well shot and directed. Interesting story. Is it great? No, not great but for every moment he's in it, it's elevated. He's perfectly cast for this charismatic figure because that's Johnny. He has the goods. And always has.

Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic6 / 10

Too long, too slow, but well shot, about a story that needed to be told.

This film was well put together, especially considering it was written and directed by novice filmmakers, but had it been better edited, faster paced, and the 115 min runtime trimmed down to no more than 90 mins, I would've enjoyed it more. There was too much filler for the little substance in the story's entirety. It wasn't as moving or engaging as it should've been. The cinematography however, was excellent, and the score on point. The Japanese casting and performances where much better than Depp's typical drunk slurring character's dialogue. It's a good one-time watch, more so as an educational docu-story, rather than anything exciting such as other similar genre "true- story" films.

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