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Cheryl Ladd as Louise Baltimore
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Kris Kristofferson as Bill Smith
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Lawrence Dane as Vern Rockwell
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Robert Joy as Sherman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing8 / 10

Where have I seen that girl before?

Somewhere in the distant future where if we think we're breathing polluted air you should see what Earth is dealing with in 3089. Some fairly healthy specimens relatively like Cheryl Ladd are treated like pampered pets because they have to do some time traveling.

This trip takes her to 1989 when Millennium came to the theaters. To keep the species going these travelers are taking trips to reported plane crashes where they remove the passengers before the crash and replace them with already dead ones from their future. When the dead ones were around they were sterile anyway, Cheryl happens to be sterile also.

There carefully prepared project goes totally awry with a trip back to a 1963 crash that is impacting on the future. A trip to 1989 where Kris Kristofferson is the National Transportation Safety Board investigator screws things up even further as Kristofferson is certain he's seen Ladd before.

The third principal player in the cast is Daniel J. Travanti a famous physicist who has an interest in time travel and has got the scent of something not right with these crashes. What Travanti does is totally mess with the future of planet Earth as Ladd knows it.

Although some have trashed Millennium I've found it to be a thought provoking movie about time traveling and about our lax attitude toward the environment which gives Ladd the future she lives in. There's also a nice performance by Robert Joy as Ladd's android in the future who's more human than Commander Data of Star Trek The Next Generation. He's got quite the wit. But in the end he's a disposable machine.

Check this one out.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Couldn't get into it

MILLENNIUM is a US/Canadian collaboration about a plane crash which soon turns into something else besides. This is a time travel movie in which inhabitants of a contemporary Earth are contacted by visitors from the future with a warning against the destruction of the planet. The film is thus rather preachy and it has also dated in a quite unconvincing way, with the depictions of a futuristic society little different from the ones dreamt up in the likes of SPACE: 1999.

I don't really like preachy films dealing heavy-handed messages so MILLENNIUM was off-putting in that respect. Kris Kristofferson is his usual gruff self as the investigating hero but once Cheryl Ladd shows up and a slow-burning romance develops between the two characters I was really turned off. Surely a film dealing with massive sci-fi principles like this one should be exciting and mind-blowing? MILLENNIUM is tepid and dated instead, and hardly what you'd call gripping.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

interesting sci-fi idea executed poorly

In 1989, a passenger plane crashes and NTSB investigator Bill Smith (Kris Kristofferson) gets the case. Theoretical physicist professor Dr. Arnold Mayer shows unusual interest in the crash. The cockpit tape has a mysterious declaration "They're dead! All of them! They're burned up!" There are watches going backwards. Bill is approached by mysterious Louise Baltimore (Cheryl Ladd). They spend the night together but she disappears. He finds a mysterious device that stuns him. Then Louise and two women in strange outfits grab the device, jump through a portal and disappears.

The sci-fi concept and the story is actually quite interesting. The execution leaves a lot to be desired but the movie is still extremely memorable. The acting is below average. Kristofferson is stiff at the best of times and Cheryl Ladd is no award winner. The pacing is slow. This feels like a 70s movie despite being made in 89. The future design has some funky campy elements. The time travel idea is still interesting which makes the movie watchable.

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