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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silvan-desouza8 / 10

Another awesome film by HM

Hrishikesh Mukherjee who else could make such a film? He was one of the finest directors of his times who gave heartwarming films often with less commercialism and more simplicity.

MILI(1975) is another superb film by him. It is another superb film in the list of ANAND, BAWARCHI, ABHIMAAN, CHUPKE CHUPKE

MILI brought Amitabh and Jaya together after marriage. The couple had worked in the same year in SHOLAY, CHUPKE CHUPKE as well but post ABHIMAAN this was their first solo release. 1975 was a huge year for Bachchan as he gave 2 blockbusters SHOLAY and DEEWAAR and also CHUPKE CHUPKE plus his career was on an all time high. This is also Jaya's another hit pairing with HM after GUDDI, BAWARCHI, ABHIMAAN, CHUPKE CHUPKE. Talking about MILI The film can be compared to ANAND and the outline is similar. With a dieing person changing the life of another person(Bachchan in both the movies) but the film isn't just a replica of ANAND.

The film is a superb emotional roller-coaster and is like a warm hug! It makes you emotional, smile all together.

The film starts just like ANAND and NAMAK HARAAM and moves in flashback mode. The first half is lighthearted and depicts the colorful life of Jaya Bachchan. The characters of Ashok Kumar, her sweet aunt Usha Kiran all add a lot to the movie. The introduction of Amitabh Bachchan(after 30 mins) in the song Badi Sooni Sooni hai is superb and the development of AB and Jaya story is superb. First AB is an angry young man who is bittered due to the past of his father and then Mili changes his life. There are several poignant moments like the scene when Amitabh after a confrontation with Shobha Khote and her sister in law breaks into a fit and cuts his wrist. Jaya holds his hand tight to stop the blood and then AB breaks down front of her in a drunk stupor and she scolds him and then he says Barso Baad kisine mujhe daanta hai. The change in personality of Bachchan is superbly handled by HM again like in ANAND. The scenes depicting their bonding is superbly handled too. The manner in which their love story is handled is pure brilliance. The pre-climax is emotional and superb and will make you cry and the end also is brilliant. It shows glimpse of hope. Unlike ANAND there is no death scene(spoiler)

Direction by Hrishikesh Mukherjee is superb This was S.D.Burman's last film as music director. His last composition was BADI SOONI SOONI HAI which was completed by his son R.D.Burman There are only 3 songs in the film and all are perfect. Maine Kaha Phoolon Se by Lata is superbly picturised on Jaya while Kishore Kumar again provides the superb vocals for Big B with 2 classic songs Badi Sooni and Aaye Tum Yaad Mujhe. Dialogues are superb

Jaya Bachchan was a superb performer in the 70s and she does a brilliant job as MILI. After Guddi, Bawarchi, Abhimaan she gave another superb act in a HM film. Her liveliness, natural charm is matchless. She curtailed her future prospects due to her marriage and returned with SILSILA(1981) but never the same. Her liveliness was never the same again. Jaya excels Amitabh Bachchan in a tailormade role gave another brilliant performance. The role could be played only by him. His transformation too is superbly handled by him. In 1975 Amitabh had climbed the ladder of stardom but he kept doing such films too in the vein of his bigger multicast films and he kept shining in HM films. Amongst rest Ashok Kumar is exceptional, Usha Kiran is superb Shobha Khote provides the funny moments, Asrani has one scene where he chuckles you in a role that seems like a leftover from Amitabh in Chupke Chupke(was it just me) Aruna Irani also plays a superb supporting act as always(she paired with big B as a heroine in Bombay To Goa) The rest are all good

Reviewed by Peter_Young8 / 10

Live life to the fullest, leave with a smile!

This extraordinary, heart-warming/breaking film is about a young vibrant girl named Mili. Mili is a very bubbly, vivacious, outgoing girl and a very big prankster as well. She spreads happiness with her positive attitude and is popular with everyone, from her own family to the entire neighbourhood, but the one whose life she particularly manages to light is a new neighbour named Shekhar. Shekhar is an alcoholic and lonely young man who's been a victim of society, and gradually he develops a great friendship with Mili. She makes him look at life differently, and the two fall in love. But he does not know that Mili is terminally ill and her days are counted.

A poignant and brilliantly told story, Mili can be easily ranked among the greatest realistic tearjerkers of its times. Mukherjee's direction is splendid. He manages to make this picture totally convincing and memorable in his own inimitable way. The film is not a tragedy, it is a very melancholic, yet very bright, pleasant and thoroughly optimistic piece. No filmmaker would have been able to make this film as beautifully as Mukherjee did. The narrative style is very identified with his craft and unique storytelling - like in most of his films, the script, involving common and ordinary people and following their lives during certain periods, is amazingly simple and realistic, yet the emotional impact is powerful and very effective.

Mili belongs to Jaya Bhaduri. A naturally gifted actress, she is compelling, funny and moving throughout the entire film and makes her character Mili hauntingly admirable, lovable and memorable. Amitabh Bachchan is brilliant as Shekhar. He is restrained, natural and good-looking. Ashok Kumar is unsurprisingly outstanding as Mili's loving, helpless and suffering father. Aruna Irani makes an impact in a smaller role. The film is not too long, it does not go over the top and the emotions are never overblown. It is simple, interesting, engaging and very moving. It is filled with gentle comedy, superb music and many great moments, and was evidently made with a lot of graciousness and sincerity. That's what makes a classic.

Reviewed by mishu_mausam10 / 10

This is called positive attitude

I have never seen a perfect and so real end to a movie. This is one movie that always gives me courage and optimism in life, whenever I think about it. It has a very simple story stated without any unnecessary sentimentalisations or overemotionalisations but still leaves an impact on oneself. I think its a must see for everybody as it is one movie which shows how important it is to be HOPEFUL in life.

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