Midnight Delight


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sombradelamo9 / 10

Good watch. Best done with your stoner friends :D

Amazing concept and experience!

First of all the simple to the point tag lines 'say hi to high' and 'Couch Conversations Clarity' couldn't get any better. Then the context being conversations with random people, the movie could have gone in just about any and many directions at the same time, making it a headache. Yet, the unique part of the plot was that it wasn't anywhere close to the stereotype movies with weed, bong and other such.

Loved the idea of the movie divided into vignettes depicting life phases like 'Illusion or Reality', 'Free Will', Along Together', 'Hi' and more. The one that leaves its mark is not even a real word. Not yet anyway. It's 'Epiphanation', which is the process of having an epiphany. I thought it was ingenious! Each vignette came in with a story to share or contemplating a life mystery that only made sense in that lounge.

The movie starts with an intriguing and unique animation story, albeit a bit off center to the topic. It's set in a jungle wherein animals on call-of-duty are seen chilling high, which presented a brilliant start. This does set the mood for the movie rather well. Moving on, we come into the smoking lounge into the city where the whole of the movie is shot and we see the stories and thoughts of people who sit on it.

Almost all actors play themselves and felt like in the right place, which added kind of surreal touch overall. My favorite moments of the movie were when Mike (Michael Laguerre) was on screen. He seemed adequately out-of-focus for his role in all his vignettes . Coupled with Jolene (Alexandra Hellquist),Mike leaves an impression. Dipti Mehta does drag her part a bit on the couch but her pair, Rachel Myers, brings back the humor with her naivety. John Crann, Adit Dileep, Maggie Alexander, and Shaheed Woods justified their respective roles, being absolutely normal people who were high at that point, conversing with an ease with people who are weird in every form known to them. Michele Suttile who along with Shaheed Woods breaks the monotony, of what soon begins to seem normal on the couch, with her quite in-the-blue thoughts (got to watch it to know what I mean!).

Reviewed by dcarrner8 / 10

In dolphination awe

Midnight Delight is about various characters smoking up weed in this lounge conversing mostly with themselves or others and along the way questioning the status quo. The range of conversations in the movie are quite interesting, and mostly funny. Epiphanation is one of the best, followed by the two girls (Indian pretty girl) in Awakening and Illusion or Reality, but not all the stories are that great. Couple of them seemed aimless. In a way the entire film seems aimless but interestingly all put together makes it an intriguing and a unique film unlike many others I have seen in this genre.

Range of actors adds to the flavor. Great direction and acting over all. Michael Laguerre, Alexandra Hellquist connection is wild. Shaheed Woods cracks me up. His explanation of why we talk and Michele's dolphins insight (rant) are freagin hilarious which made me think like I gotta be careful looking out for dolphins on the beach next time. damn! I am ready for Midnight Delight goes to the beach -part 2? and 3? I want to be the dolphin in that one and have my own club. Holler me.

Reviewed by jk-081978 / 10

Light one up, and you're in the movie!

Watched Midnight Delight the other night with the wife. Neither of us are smokers, so we didn't know what to expect. About a third of the way through, she turned to me and said, "WTF is this?". I looked right at her and said, "I have no f'in idea", then proceeded to bust up laughing, because that's when I realized we were both thinking the same thing -- We need to be stoned to watch this movie -- If you've ever had pot-head friends (which we have),you'd get that :) If you're an actual stoner, this might be the closest thing you can get to virtual reality without a head-set. Light one up, and you're in the movie :)_~

John from Tampa

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