Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright67%
IMDb Rating3.310401

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Stephen Lang Photo
Stephen Lang as Frederick Banner
Emmy Perry Photo
Emmy Perry as Hannah
Shane West Photo
Shane West as Tom Levin
Bruce Dern Photo
Bruce Dern as Emil Larson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by midnitepantera2 / 10

GarbAGE!!! :( Waste of time!

Despite Having 2 well know actors, I actually Really like, Dern and Lang! This was just SO MUCH SLOW and Stupid Garbage!!! I think these 2 seasoned actors either did someone a favor appearing in this, or were bored and just wanted something to do, Obviously Anything to do!!! Waste of their talents!!

I gave it 2 points for the beautiful architecture of the Mid-century homes I am familiar with from my youth.

But, Such a BAD and Boring SCRIPT!!! Could have been a decent movie with a Better script and much better actors, because I didn't recognize anyone and they were so emotionless and making constant stupid horror cliché choices! For a Doctor and Architect, I found the 2 leads (couple) to be Really lame! But I'll take that Thunderbird, Please!! ;D

The houses and 50's style clothing and beautiful cars is NOT a good enough reason to WASTE almost 2 hours of your life on this Tripe!! You've been warned!

Reviewed by rotini-525861 / 10

Bunch of Rubbish !

Stupid movie terrible acting. Just plain bad. Do not waste your time like I did. Really doesn't make any sense at all..what.. not enuf letters yet ? Nothing to say here.

Reviewed by dodge-west1 / 10

I got splinters from the wooden acting.

Honestly if the acting had been anymore wooden it would of been a puppet show. When the credits are still showing up 15 minutes into the movie they're just distracting. Lets be honest they're unnecessary as they will be repeated at the end and if you get there then I can't imagine you reading them. It's just awful.

You want Stephen Lang then watch "Don't Breath" you want Bruce Dern then watch "The Burbs" because neither of them do very well here.

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