Metro Manila

2013 [TAGALOG]

Action / Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan9 / 10

Sometime you must risk all when you get a chance.

An independently produced from both the countries, Phillipines and United Kingdom which was selected to represent Britain at the 2013 Oscars. This crime-thriller is about a family's struggle and involvement in a crime affair. From the director of 'Cashback' another excellent and a different movie. When the movie 'Where God Left His Shoes' meets 'Armored', the 'Metro Manila' forms. But in a better way in every minute detail. With the beautiful dialogues and the performances the story makes you wonder how long it can drag. The value of sacrifice for the sake of the family's survive strikes with the unexpected twist.

A farmer family who failed to harvest in large quantity gets a little value for what they got in the hands. The savings are not enough to invest for the next season. So the whole family, father, mother and two children decide to travel to the capital city to earn money. They struggle to get a place to stay in the threatening Manila city where it is crowded, polluted and illegal activities are soaring high. Being a farmer family, they are the easiest target to get cheated. Both the parents get a decent job till they come to know the reason behind their recruitment. And what comes after is the family's only chance to put a full stop for all the struggles for once.

''You have more chances of seeing an alien than winning the lotto.''

You know what impressed me in this movie, the reality. Everything I saw was like a documentary movie till the last quarter. In the last few minutes I realized that I am watching a movie. That is only because of the awesome twist and turn to end the story on a high note. From beginning to the end the narration was precisely defined about the life in Manila city, especially in the category of below poverty line. The honest was convinced me and so the great end with a line: I too want to save my family, but my plan was never based on a dream. One of the best dramas based on the innocent family. It won't try to convince you with the family sentiments, but stays true and unveils the brutality of the metro city which apply same proportion for any other metros in the world. A rare gem and won't be wrong to say it is a must see.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen7 / 10

A very realistic movie...

Oddly enough then I never got around to watch "Metro Manila" before 6 years after its release. And it turned out that I had actually been missing out on some of the more impressive piece of cinema to make it from the Philippines.

"Metro Manila" is a very realistic and in-your-face piece of action crime drama, with some pretty good character portrayals by the likes of Jake Macapagal (playing Oscar Ramirez) and veteran actor John Arcilla (playing Douglas Ong). It is the kind of movie that you quickly get immersed into the storyline and swept away by its quick pacing and director Sean Ellis's ability to keep the movie flowing and keeping it interesting.

"Metro Manila" has a great combination of action and drama, spiced up with a great character gallery. It is characters that come off as being very realistic and being characters that you can relate to on one or more levels.

The movie does have a major setback though, perhaps a flaw even, and that is that the storyline is very predictable, and I had the movie figured out not even halfway through, and it turned out pretty much as I had thought it would. Of course, I am not going to spoil it here and give the storyline and the 'twists' away. You should watch "Metro Manila" and experience that for yourself.

This movie also depicts a very gritty, albeit realistic image of the metropolis that is the capitol of The Philippines. And yeah, that city definitely has a thriving and ever-growing shady side to it.

I was genuinely entertained with "Metro Manila" from start to end. And even if you have an aversion towards non-English movies, then you really should take the time to sit down and watch the 2013 "Metro Manila" movie, because it is quite worth the effort.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca8 / 10

Slow-burning crime at its finest

METRO MANILA is a fine movie indeed, a wonderful character study that explores real life on the grim and gritty streets of the Philippines. It tells an age-old story of corruption and wasted lives, and yet it's so very well made that you can dismiss the familiarity of the storyline and simply get caught up in the compelling narrative.

The movie stars the excellent Jake Macapagal as a mild-mannered family man who moves to the city in order to provide for his wife and kid. Unfortunately, he soon discovers that the population of this urban metropolis isn't to be trusted, and he's led into a sinister plot through no fault of his own. METRO MANILA is a very slow film indeed in which little happens, and yet there's overriding suspense, a sense of futile inevitability, which makes it absolutely gripping.

The production values of the movie are strong indeed, and the performances are naturalistic in the extreme. For a guy whose previous experience of Filipino cinema has been the '60s B-movies of Eddie Romero and his ilk, this film's a real eye-opener; a gutsy piece of film-making, grittily realistic and yet full of heart, a film that can stand against the best competition coming from its neighbouring countries.

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