Mercenary Fighters


Action / Adventure / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled14%
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Peter Fonda as Virelli
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James Mitchum as Wilson Jeffords
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Reb Brown as T.J. Christian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs5 / 10

By the numbers film has good action but isn't anything you'll remember

Peter Fonda leads a team of mercenaries into an African nation in order to fight the revolting people who object to a dam project that will displace them. Along the way they find that the situation is not as pictured and they have a change of heart. I'm under explaining the plot but in all honesty the film is so by the book and by rote that you'll be able to fill in any blanks on your own. I know I was lining up the various characters as they showed up as to what their arcs were going to be and for the most part I was pretty much on target. I didn't hate the film, but I didn't love it either. Its just sort of there doing what it does in a workman like but unremarkable fashion. There are good performances and good action but the nothing to make the film really stick to your brain. Its almost completely forgettable, even though its entertaining.

Reviewed by buttonwillow6 / 10

Solid genre film

If action is your genre, this film won't disappoint. The story never sags as it follows its band of mercenaries through a mine field of shifting loyalties and enemies. This movie has great visuals throughout and a solid ensemble cast led by Peter Fonda. Characterization is minimal, which is typical with this type of story, but the actors do a good job of keeping it real. The female love interest is especially good in her role as the nurse who risks her own life to defend the tribe. While it's true that nothing in this film stands out as truly memorable, it is definitely one of the better, older action films I've come across. If you're in the mood for something literary, skip it, this is pure pulp, but it's entertaining and delivers the goods the genre demands.

Reviewed by Coventry4 / 10

When he plays the sleazy villain, I'm very Fond-a-Peter!

Big fan of the late Peter Fonda here, especially when he depicts stone-cold, merciless and downright nasty villains. In "Freedom Fighters" he plays such a character, more specifically a mercenary only interested in money and power, regardless whether or not the job demands innocent people to be slaughtered. He, Virelli, and his team are hired by a corrupt army general to wipe out a handful of small villages and native tribes that rebel against the construction of a giant dam in a Southern African country. Under the influence of a cute Human Rights Activist, however, one of Virelli's team members - TJ - realizes he's battling the wrong camp and switches sides. The cool thing is that Fonda's character also knows this, but he doesn't care about people, only money. I know you're supposed to cheer for TJ, but he's just a chomp of meat without charisma, whereas Fonda is a loathsome beast with greasy long hair and a walking cane. Apart from the cool cast (also starring James Mitchum, Ron O'Neal and Robert DoQui),"Freedom Fighters" is standard 80s jungle/mercenary action guff, with exploding helicopters, land mines blowing up jeeps, native tribes performing naked dance rituals and beefcake men firing with heavy artillery at unarmed women and children. Forgettable fun, if you are into 80s Rambo rip-offs.

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