Men in Black 3


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Will Smith Photo
Will Smith as Agent J
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Alice Eve as Young Agent O
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Josh Brolin as Young Agent K
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Emma Thompson as Agent O
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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho7 / 10

Great Adventure

The criminal Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) escapes from the LunaMax, a moon-based maximum security prison. He comes to Earth seeking revenge from Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) that has blown his arm up and arrested him forty years ago and protected Earth from a Boglodyte invasion. Boris is defeated again and he travels back in time to 1969 to kill Agent K.

When Agent J (Will Smith) notes that the time line has changed in the present days and Agent O (Emma Thompson) tells him that K died in 1969, he decides to travel to 15 July 1969 to save K on the next day. Agent J has difficulties to convince the Young Agent K (Josh Brolin) with lies, but when he decides to tell the truth, K believes in his words and they seek out Boris together.

They are helped by the amicable alien Griiffin (Michael Stuhlbarg) that has precognitive powers and gives the ArcNet to K to protect Earth from the Boglodyte invasion. Further, J learns a secret about K and himself.

"Men in Black 3" is a great adventure of this franchise, with a wonderful story and magnificent special effects. I had low expectations with movie, but I was favorably surprised with an adorable film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "MIB³ - Homens de Preto 3" ("MIB³ - Men in Black 3")

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Well, it's a big improvement over the last

I saw the first MEN IN BLACK in cinemas in 1997 and thought it was okay for what it was (a light, CGI comic book-style adventure). I recently watched the sequel and thought it was pitiful, a tired retread full of awful special effects. Thankfully this third film breathes new life into the series by adding a nice time travel plot and shaking things up a bit.

Will Smith is less annoying than usual in his starring role here and the film works pretty well with him as the lead. The culture shock stuff of him arriving in the 1960s is what makes the movie fun, and Josh Brolin does a nice impersonation of the stiff Tommy Lee Jones. There are still some dodgy CGI effects in here, particularly the whole of the climax which seems to have been green-screened, but they're nowhere near as poor as in the last film.

Once again I didn't care for the villain of choice, Boris the Animal, played by an overacting Jemaine Clement. For some reason these films always have the make the villain either gross or sort-of funny, or both; it doesn't work. Boris is better than the Lara Flynn Boyle monstrosity, but not by much. However, we do get a large supporting turn from the excellent Michael Stuhlbarg, who's the best thing in the film and who automatically lifts the enjoyment level a bit by his presence alone.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

Willy is back. Kind of missed Tommy.

Big Willy is back but Tommy is sitting this one out. Agent J (Will Smith) travels back in time to team up with younger Agent K (Josh Brolin).

Although Josh does a good impression of Tommy Lee Jones, I still miss the grumpy old man. The chemistry is just different. The story works well and it has great flow. It is a compelling watch. It continues with the same style. It feels like more of the same which is mostly a good thing. Will Smith is truly in charge of this franchise. And this is his movie all the way. The controversy over Chinese interference doesn't really affect it too much.

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