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Reviewed by stiltedshrimp10 / 10


It's definitely not for everybody; it's abrasive in the most stunningly-artistic way. The writing and acting is top notch and tells a story of the millennial generation's day-to-day struggles with insecurity and search for something greater.

Reviewed by popcolin3 / 10

An imitation of something else

This movie tries very hard to fill the void of more cinematic experiences from the good old days when flashy editing in movies was appreciated. That only works when there is a story to fuel the frantic pacing. Not here though. There really is no story other than a 20year old guy wants to prove his parents wrong so he decides to get a job. That's about the sum of the plot yet there are about 25 montages throughout the hour 45 minutes duration. While these mo rages are flashy and are done very nicely quickly I got the feeling that the movie is there to service them, not the other way around. That being said the locations are good and there's about as many scenes as I've seen in any post 2002 movie but I'm not sure that is enough because all the scenes with talking really seem pointless.

Reviewed by OXID-d-Azot10 / 10

Godard's "Breathless" for the 2020's

"Melrose" will be for the 2020's what Godard's "Breathless" ("À bout de souffle") was for the 1960's: seminal. The youth and its struggles in an youthful esthetic. Note that the highest rated movies almost never talk about the life of those who rate. Refusal of the mirror.

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