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Reviewed by maxraynor9 / 10

'Paradise Lost' meets 'The Purge' meets 'The Master'

I saw the premiere of Medusa at Cannes Film Festival and had no expectations whatsoever. I was totally gripped throughout and immediately invested in the narrative and characters. The colour palette of the movie is intense; oranges, reds, greens and neons- all deeply symbolic. The soundtrack is amazing and helps to keep the pace moving along. Bruna's performance is layered and career defining. I loved how stylised the film is. The unapologetically feminist conclusion makes this film feel totally relevant and a definite one to watch. Would highly recommend.

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Know your role

No pun intended - the movie has a lot of things for the viewer to discover. Some are subtle, others are quite on the nose. It doesn't hurt if you are a bit aware of politics in Brazil - but it also is a gender role (play - again no pun intended). You could compare it to other things that portray patriarchy - Handmaids Tale for example.

There is also a lot of religious themes in it - the Christian selfie being one of the most on the nose things in it. But also one that can be seen as the most funny - depending on how you perceive it and what kind of humor you dig.

But the movie overall is more serious - if anything you can laugh about things because you can see how strange and wrong they are. Unfortunately many of the things portrayed are still happening around the world. Brazil elected a new leader ... and maybe that will change certain things. Though the riots a few weeks ago may not be the most promising sign ... let's wait and see.

Filmmakers are here to hold a mirror and show society what is going on ... not an easy movie to watch and many long scenes (pacing may feel like its dragging) ... but very well shot and fantastically acted!

Reviewed by klncl10 / 10

symbolic + gripping + funny

Medusa was both ominous and funny with very well executed satire of religion. The symbolism that filmmaker incorporated was so powerful. The film was also aesthetically beautiful to watch and has an excellent soundtrack. A gripping and engaging film, highly recommend.

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