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Catalina Sandino Moreno as Christina / wife
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Tara Buck as Ada
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Mary Mouser as Ruth
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Reviewed by selena-710967 / 10

A good one

It is hard to review a movie like this one. Not much action, hardly few dialogues, or any dialogues for that matter. But you are glued to the screen. You care about the characters. You find the leading actress so young and beautiful. You don't know what to expect. Slowly paced development to its culmination moment. And the ending just breaks your heart. Everyone is a victim in this movie. Unfairness of life so to speak. The acting is very, including children. Well done. I love to see new faces in movies. All of the leading actors are unknown to me. I stopped watching movies with overexposed and overrated Hollywood actors and actresses . You can't connect with a character when actors are overexposed by media. And they are usually mediocre actors at best.

Reviewed by maurice_yacowar7 / 10

Dairy farmer and mute wife live silent, desperate existence

Allude to Medea in your film title and you're promising high passion and a mystery meat pie — even if you don't specify the gender of the chef. Andrea Pallaoro provides none of that in Medeas. Instead a quiet, psychological drama is played out on a failing dairy farm in Southern California. But as Willy Loman demonstrated, even the simplest human lives can wear a tragic dignity. The classical register of the title corrects our initial sense that this film is about the taciturn farmer and his mute wife's communication problem. They have four boys, a blossoming teenage daughter and now word of another baby on the way. The oldest boy threatens the father's stern hold, especially when the mother is at risk. The father is characterised by his favourite game. He feigns sleep/death/drowning, then roars to loud play-threat life. When he intuits his wife's outside romance and his children growing away the threat turns real. Only his wife survives.

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