Measure for Measure


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright90%
IMDb Rating5.510334

melbourne, australia

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Hugo Weaving as Duke
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Daniel Henshall as Lukey
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Doris Younane as Karima
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pub-218 / 10

Good but not great

I love a good Aussie flick and this is one of them. Not a all time top ten but this will be remembered for some great acting from the two stalwarts HW &JB alongside some newer actors whom will no doubt be better know down the track. Great effort by all involved in production and social Kudos to director Paul Ireland, well done.

Whilst there are a few boring and drawn out moments M4M is overall good entertainment and that's what I like in a movie. 8.5 for me.

Reviewed by GerryofNorVA1 / 10

MfM: It's a Snoozefest

No one should have to TRY to get through a film and halfway through this one I called time of death. This is actor-turned-director Paul Ireland's second film and he has a lot to learn about directing including pacing. I defy, yes defy you to stay awake during this lamentable snooze-fest. The overall story isn't even interesting concerning petty drug distribution and a star-crossed inter-racial/religious romance. There's just been this whole crop of wasted-effort films being released recently like this including The Faceless Man, Widow's Point, Alpha Code, The Argument, Legacy of Lies, etc. The only good film recently released is "Odd Thomas". Try that one out fellow movie watcher.

Reviewed by david-rector-850921 / 10

Shakespeare would be spinning in his grave!

I could not get through this film. The dialogue and the acting were terrible. Hugo Weaving is one of our very best, but even he couldn't deliver the lines with any conviction. What I did sit through, I found this murky, unpleasant and lacking in believability. If you want to see a great Aussie film with Hugo Weaving - 'Hearts & Bones' - much under appreciated film from 2019. I am over the over supply of bleak, nihilistic Australian films that our industry produces. And don't get me started on the horror genre!

Good luck to those who actually get to the end of 'Measure for Measure'

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