McBride: Tune in for Murder


Crime / Drama / Mystery

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John Larroquette Photo
John Larroquette as Mike McBride
Art LaFleur Photo
Art LaFleur as Armen
Wren T. Brown Photo
Wren T. Brown as Kyle Ward
John Kapelos Photo
John Kapelos as Bob Carter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by musicnotechi8 / 10

Background music

Like the series... But the monotinous background music is extremely annoying. I've recorded each show during a marathon& am hoping the others didn't add in the obnoxious music. I finished watching Tune In For Murder but could only solve the mystery of why my ears felt tortured.

Reviewed by WHicks100233 / 10

The Plagiarized Music Is A Real Distraction

Laroquette is always worth watching, even in what I consider to be the worst McBride episode of all, but what is really aggravating is the monotonous "music" that is playing so loud during some of the scenes that I have to strain to hear the dialogue. Moreover, this two note theme is a direct steal from Thomas Newman's soundtrack to AMERICAN BEAUTY; if I were Newman, I would sue Ewan Johns, the "composer" for the McBride series. The only reason I gave it three stars was for LaRoquette.

Reviewed by donniezz1 / 10

Agatha Christie it ain't

A drunk Barny Fife could have figured this one out in 5 minutes. One man tries to frame another man for a murder by killing a mutual co-worker. He then calls the "fall-guy" to come to the "co-worker's house. He then calls the cops with an awful sliced together tape. But get this -he doesn't even leave the murder weapon at the scene of the crime! Now the framed man is caught at the scene with the dead man at his feet. Sounds like an open and shut case right? But where is the murder weapon? The police don't seem to mind that this would be impossible and go ahead with the prosecution. McBride easily gets the defendant off the hook. OK never mind, just don't watch it if it ever comes on again.

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